Still need to mention risk

Hi, everyone,
Although I believe Maidsafe can make huge breakthrough and success, it is still necessary to mention investor and developer about the risk. And I browser the and this forum, I can hardly find any risk mention.
The risk includes the timeline of process nobody can tell exactly and so many unpredictable events in future. Although like Irvine said we can make impossible things appear obviously,any breakthrough or any huge success is a small possibility event like “black swan”, which is unpredictable. Therefore, I think mention the risk is very necessary.

Best wishes for Maidsafe project.


I can appreciate this. We all know, or should know that we are in uncharted waters here. I just read a well written not-so-positive article that I’ll be posting under the [press] category. We shouldn’t be charged with running from any non-positive viewpoints.

I am spending some time writing a gitbook now that will detail as many risks as I can think of as well as from others. In terms of timescales etc. then we have a roadmap at least and can check that off as we go along. The main thing is communication and we are trying to make sure we dedicate some time to that. Of course the odd wee push or question every now and then does not hurt. I hope to publish the gitbook sometime over the next few days.