Spy nodes know what websites you are visiting?

Good questions. Take a look here:

and here:

As far as I know, you’re closest nodes don’t know you ip-address [incorrect - see note below - @happybeing]. Think of it like some sort of proxy. So you connect to 4 ip-addresses. Ask for your personal file (datamap, data-atlas etc.) decrypt that file with your password, and then ask the 4 ip-addresses you’re connected to, to connect you to the 4 nodes based on XOR. That connection is encrypted. So the ip-addresses you’re connected to don’t see which chunks you ask from your closest nodes. They only see encrpyted data coming by. Your 4 closest nodes don’t know you ip-address. They only know your XOR-addres. So they know about address “FGKJGEKJGFEKJGFEJKGFGEJFGJEF” asking for chunk “JHWQJFHQWJFHQJFHQJHFQKJHFKJQHKJ”. And like @dirvine said, even that can be fixed.

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