Some comments on how to use the FAQ category

Please, when doing something like that at least include a link to the source in each post. Stuff like the quote below look very strange when put in an FAQ post here on Who are “we” and why are we apologizing?

Also, many of the posts are very specific to the crowd sale and don’t provide a lot of useful information to most users visiting this site now.

Let’s try to keep the FAQ a bit cleaner I say.


Basically all of the posts so far need to be under one topic called “what do I need to know about safecoin?”

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I’ll update the irrelevant FAQ ASAP and inlcude the source in each post


Thanks @19eddyjohn75!

Well meaning but I think @19eddyjohn75 adding lots of topics to the FAQ by cut and paste is not a good idea. Those FAQs were for the crowdsale, and that has been and gone. What we should add here are * frequently asked questions* and in the standard FAQ styles. Also the topic titles are also unhelpful as they don’t follow the format of a FAQ (nor did the crowdsale page I know).

As I look at the FAQ category now it looks chaotic and hard to figure out, so I propose we should clean most/all of the crowdsale FAQs out and add FAQs as and when we recognise people are asking those questions, and do so with a standard Question/Response format.

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