Seems EVERYONE needs SAFE! :)

LOL of the day…Scotland strikes again! :wink:

“Andrew McKean, 18, from Scotland, gained access to the site by correctly guessing the login and password were set to ‘admin’ and ‘password’.”



hahahaha thanks for sharing! xD

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You know what’s sad is if you read the comments they’re talking about the punishments for the hacker instead of the fact that the security is an epic fail.


Ironic…and sad…wasn’t it Steve Jobs who said people don’t know what they want (or in this case need) until you show it to them…lol.

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Maybe secret minions of troon carrying out latest falseflag to advocate the safe idea to become a necessity :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s hope Paige managed to get to speak to Tim Berners-Lee about SAFE. On paper at least he should be a major supporter:

“On Tuesday, Mr. Berners-Lee and Mr. Kahle and others brainstormed at the event, called the Decentralized Web Summit, over new ways that web pages could be distributed broadly without the
standard control of a web server computer, as well as ways of storing
scientific data without having to pay storage fees to companies like
Amazon, Dropbox or Google.”

In that article was a link to ZeroNet ZeroNet: Decentralized websites using Bitcoin cryptography and the BitTorrent network

Any thoughts about it?

Of course, The New York Times, the most famous metropolitan daily newspaper (aka a prime gatekeeper), misses the generality of the idea advanced by Berners-Lee.

Any thoughts about ZeroNet as compared to MaidSafe?
sorry - already covered on the forum, thx