SAFEpress Status Updates

Status Update - July 2016

The latest update is posted on our Google Group (link below).

TL;DR Summary

I have a simple App (screenshot below) talking to the SAFE NFS API using SAFE Launcher (API v0.4 - the one with encrypted communications). It is buggy, but successfully authorises with launcher, creates directories and stores files, and can retrieve the content of stored files. I’m using “mock routing” to do this which makes development much easier as it simulates the network and so I’m not dependent on what the testnets or the developer network are doing, internet access and so on.

To get here I have had two goes at creating a SAFE backend for remoteStorage.js (a reference client for the remoteStorage protocol). My first attempt was based on an extension to the rs.js client that supports DropBox and the second is based in their GoogleDrive version. (Note: there is also a reference server that implements the RS protocol. RS servers are available commercially, or users can install it on their own hosting or servers, so you don’t need to use a commercial service or even a third party - this is what is about).

I’m now looking into how to handle versioning (which rs.js expects but is not yet available in the SAFE NFS API). I hope to be able to work around the bugs I’m seeing - some of which are almost certainly due to my not having worried about versioning or file metadata yet!

Full update here: Status Update - 13th July 2016