SafeNetwork is already blocked at some place

I was trying TorGuard and the VPN Server I was connected to is North Africa Tunesia with OpenVPN. I tried to connect to the and the connection can’t be done, the respond was quick (No waiting time).

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.



Try in a day or two again and tell us the result.

This afternoon I am getting response errors from the forum. Do not know if this might also be affecting things.

TorGuard, isn’t that to block IP addresses that might be also used by media “pirate” investigators? Could the forum be sharing an address that is blocked by TorGuard? I am not sure how/what TorGuard works/is, so feel free to call me ill informed on this.

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I am finding access increasingly difficult through a Time Warner ISP, but not on mobile. And the is it me site says its not. There might be a problem.

I find be @frabrunelle from another post that this forum is hosted from Discourse. The problem may come from there. The DNS return the right IP though.

The site recently had technical difficulties. Maybe you got lucky trying to visit it at wrong times.