SafeCoin Valuation

At launch, SafeCoin will be valuated in this manner: Early adopters will say to themselves, “Darn, I wish I bought more MAID”. Late adopters will say, “I wish I learned about this platform earlier.”

One year after launch, early adopters will say to themselves, “H0ly
$h1t, I wish I bought more MAID”. Late adopters will say, "I wish I
learned about this platform earlier and bought some MAID.

that would be amazing!!!

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You’re talking about dynamic supply of SafeCoin, tied to its price and market demand. That I know of, I don’t think this is possible in the SAFE Network. Are you just saying this is a needed feature to keep the value of SafeCoin stable?

Dynamic supply linked to price of SafeCoin to facilitate a stable price (say ‘artificial inflation’) would require locking a percentage of its liquidity ongoing. (I think @chrisfostertv would have a few interesting thoughts on this.) Again I don’t think MaidSAFE has developed this feature though.

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The price of Safecoin will always be constrained because it will probably be easy and cheap to farm for it. Almost everyone has a lot of free room to share and it is very likely that supply of space will exceed demand. So why spend money on Safe coin now when it will be cheaper to farm for it later? I can’t see a scenario where farming will be difficult.

It won’t be so easy.

Facebook - $220 billion
Dropbox - $10 billion
What’s app - $100 billion
Google - $360 billion
SAFE network - I dunno but what is a safe internet worth?


Your forgetting one variable in the equation, the supply and demand of Safecoins themselves. As more and more people farm and horde/"use as a store of value " Safecoin, the supply of of Safecoin will lower and demand will raise causing the value of Safecoin to rise.

Even if users don’t horde Safecoin and they will horde, but if they don’t the supply of Safecoin per person will continue to lower as more and more people use the network.

4.3 billion total Safecoins (SC)

43K Users = 100,000 SC per person
430K Users = 10,000 SC per person
4.3M Users = 1,000 SC per person
43M Users = 100 SC per person
430M Users = 10 SC per person
4.3B Users = 1 SC per person

Deflation is a powerful force :wink:


The underlying value of safe coin is access to disk space on the maid safe network. Even if the network has many users, most of these users will have excess disk space and won’t need to use safe coin because their farming activity will already be earning them enough already. They won’t need to buy extra. I don’t think having a large number of users guarantees a high value if safecoin.
I don’t want to make anybody uncomfortable. Before I buy I just want to do some due diligence. I feel like safe coin is better than bit coin because at least something is behind it. I believe in the maid safe project

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And it is the best investment in the altcoin world in my opinion.

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You are correct, but how much disk space a single Safecoin will allow a user to access will be determined by a combination of the supply and demand of Safecoin and network resources.


As demand for Safecoin grows so does the purchasing power of each Safecoin.

For example, hypothetically…
43K Users = 100,000 SC = 1TB of storage
430K Users = 10,000 SC = 1TBof storage
4.3M Users = 1,000 SC = 1TB of storage
43M Users = 100 SC = 1TB of storage
430M Users = 10 SC = 1TB of storage
4.3B Users = 1 SC = 1TB of storage

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Now imagine a world that has outlawed conversion between digital fiat and SAFEcoin.

What is the value of SAFEcoin and would it’s value be better realized by hording or spending/investing in the economy of SAFE goods and services?

Another word for hording is saving. But, whether SAFE’s value is better realized with saving or spending/investing is an economic’s debate that has been raging for a long time.

Keynesian vs Austrian :wink:

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Could you elaborate on this, I’m not sure exactly what you mean?

But it’s true value is unmeasurable a like priceless work of art! :smile:

Priceless!!! :wink:

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The way I understand it, once the MAIDSAFE Network goes live, Maidsafecoins will be traded for safecoins (i.e. log into MAIDSAFE as a client, then somehow prove you own specific MAID coins to the foundation to claim the equivalent in safecoins.) because safecoins will be the native crypto currency while a client is logged in. I’d imagine MAID will not be purchasable on Poloniex once the SAFE Network is live, but I might be wrong about this last point.

It’s another brain teaser :wink:

For example a situation where SAFEcoin takes on a position like that of gold in exeters pyramid…and the SAFEnetwork becomes more attractive than the existing FIRE system (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) and value starts to flow strongly into SAFE.

If you look at the layers on the pyramid and imagine all the digital contract stuff that’s being dreamed up on the crypto side, what’s to stop any of these layers getting traded into the SAFEsystem alongside Fiat via an exchange i.e ownership now resides within SAFE.

The BIS system would have the ability to shut down the money/fiat side of any SAFE exchanges…not so sure about the other layers being blocked.

So it’s like a paradigm shift, where the layers start to get sucked into the SAFEsystem before the status quo figure out how to shut the flow off.

Once the flow is stopped you have two systems…SAFEcoin is now isolated in the new system…what is it’s value?

Conventional Economic theory has no place in SAFE, that’s the teaser… :slight_smile:


This is a lot to chew on.

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I have a vivid imagination :slight_smile:


Interesting brain teaser. My guess is that it would just mean that even more of the conversion would take place and safecoin would be even more valuable. It would also mean that more people would start trading in safecoin directly, bypassing intermediaries. Look what happened to alcohol during US prohibition, and what’s happening to drugs all over the world with current drug prohibition. And safecoin is far cooler than either of those. “Say No To Safecoin” as a government slogan would have a marvelous affect on the price and use.

Some things seem to be being overlooked in this thread from what I’ve seen:

Gold is valuable in jewellery, dentistry, electronics, etc., but the vast majority of its selling price is that it has utility as a monetary store of value. Safecoin is not just backed by available hard drive space. It is only paid out on the basis of proven resource contribution, but the value has a number of other inputs. Such as the facility of the SAFE network as a whole–its concensus mechanism, its secure and private communication and storage qualities, its uncensorability, its future potential to host distributed computing and a bunch of other stuff we haven’t even realized yet. But, like gold, the monetary value of safecoin can far exceed even those tremendous resource backings, because of its superior monetary qualities: speed and ease of transaction, limited quantity, anonymity, etc., not to mention ubiquitity of distribution.

Abundance of resource contributed to the network will drive the price of those resources down, yes. But that should, in fact, drive the safecoin price UP. Safecoin will always retain its value as a private store of value, the exchange of which can’t be controlled or prevented. Yes, constraints can be put on the “legal” exchange of it for fiat currency, but as it will be very pervasive in its creation (small amounts of it turning up in many, many, many hands all over the world) anti money laundering laws will be ineffective and will only drive people and even companies to start bypassing fiat altogether and just start accepting it as value directly, even if under the table. But hey, I’ll be happy to pay cash to any neighbor who has it and can’t find any bank to exchange it to–for a time, anyway. After a while, who’ll even want to accept the valueless paper.

As the price of safecoin goes up, fractionalizing it will be implemented before long. There really is no cap to the price, and since the network will have better and better features and functionality as time goes on, and since it will be easier and easier to dedicate resources to the network (as confidence in it grows and less resource is held back), purchase of full network access should start approaching free.

Applications which call for one safecoin to do their job today will have to change to only require .01 safecoin soon, or they will be abandoned for other apps.

The proof is in whether the network and safecoin perform as or better than expected. If they do, there is no limit on the upside of safecoin in the long run. There will undoubtedly be fluctuations, but bubbles will only drive more resources to the network and those resources are not as likely to be turned off so quickly because they won’t be so expensive to continue to use even after the price corrects, unlike Bitcoin which uses vast electricity and special hardware that becomes unsustainable if the price drops much after a long run-up. The only ones who will be really hurt from a price drop will be those who over-leveraged to build big SAFE data farms. Such farms would take a while to start covering their investment in any case, while people with extra resource at home already will be losing nothing to continue using their hardware. It’s really hard to envision where the top might be.

All this is just my best guess based on the dynamics I see, so I’m likely missing something. But it’s definitely not as simple as “How much does it cost to store data on the SAFE network as compared to Dropbox”. Not even close.


You’re right I meant safecoins. And as long as not every maidsafecoin has been exchanged for safecoin, people can trade them on exchanges.

People can ‘prove’ they own maidsafecoin just by sending it from the Bitcoin blockchain, that’s their prove.