Safe Network Dev Update - January 14, 2021

The smallest of modifications can prevent

  • Mars lander chrashes
  • DAO collapse and lose of millions of dollars
  • etc.

Every contribution accepted is something we cherish, thanks very much, wonderful stuff.


Since I most reliably check the forum in the morning, EST, I’m often late to the update party . Maybe one day I’ll remember to try for first (or at least first ~10 :laughing: ) post.

I really like the commitment to modular implementation (regarding the updates to sn_messaing and sn_routing messages). Very much in the spirit of open-source (and also scratches the itch for modularity and abstraction of the engineer in me!).

Seconded! The largest and most robust designs are largely the sum of such seemingly “small” contributions. When you put together a lot of these, suddenly we have something that’s greater than the sum of its parts :slight_smile:

Anyway, nice update this week! Even though personal life has been somewhat de-stabilized until just recently, I can still easily keep up with technical details & stay excited, even when I’m too short on time to check updates in semi-real-time. It speaks to the effectiveness of transparent development. Just wanted to say once again, thanks for taking the time to compile these weekly updates.


You pick one or two high profile cases and try to make it about politics. And I was deliberating ignoring such political banning.

No people are being removed from twitter/youtube/facebook for other reasons than high profile cases and in my opinion much more serious turn of events/censorship. There is a lot of unrest among some using those platforms. For instance reporting on some cases causes the reporting channel to be removed when the main channel is being banned for violations.

On Safe these social media “sites” will not be censored, except for users setting up preferred channels and subscribing to curated lists maintained by others. Say a no-nudity curated list for the users.

Mine will not be removed since it was not political nor was implying anything political. It was on topic for this thread thank you very much.


Hi all,

Bit of a basic question here that I need help on:

But could anyone please share the main points / ideas the new testnet should prove or at least try to prove in the upcoming release.

Unsure how to best describe it to others and I don’t want to butcher it :joy::joy:

Thanks :+1:


Imo, the first half was not political but the second half was. Taken in context with current events, I don’t know how any perceptive reader could have interpreted it differently. Don’t mean to step on any toes here. I was genuinely surprised that you, of all people, chose to phrase those last two sentences that way. If my interpretation was way out of line, though, I apologize.


we choose this platform to get rid of other people thinking for us.
i got kicked from twit for mentioning hydroxychloroquine

you are stuck in your politics - i don’t have anything to do with USA
neo didn’t mention 1 word politicl - that’s YOU and you scare me

Politics is the art of lying, whether it’s done to oneself or by the most powerful people in the world (illusorily speaking, anyway, but also not). Safe will do its own thing; you can change the channel, and all that, and actually educate people to not get sucked into bad channels.


Well aren’t you sorely mistaken. I do not follow politics since its all drama and manufactured.

EDIT: and I missed the last sentence which was apology/correction. My bad.

I did apologize. I wrongly assumed you were up-to-date with current events.


Not political but hoping we get speech systems that can’t push, that are truth matched and can’t be censored or even filtered except by the individual and those special consensus trees that block spam and noise for opted in groups of individuals. Twitter and Youtube are both sponsored which is a conflict of interest and essence of everything that has gone wrong with the internet (aside from brittle server reliance) down to anti neutrality to make speech enclosure, censorship, spam and spin and spying pay. We need an internet that won’t allow money or bribery as speech.

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Great update!

Been watching the Safe Network for years now. Every few months I pop back in here to see any progress. I’m just a non tech user who loves the idea the SN is going to enable. The world is starting to realise the need for self-sovereign tech, look at the work of Start9 Labs and their EmbassyOS

My question is when might a guy like me be able to run a volt and farm a little safe coin without a command line in sight :wink:


The stage we are at is that testing of a public beta version is close with only bugs being ironed out.

Unfortunate the timing of a public test without need of command lines is unknown, but I would expect it will be close following the upcoming public beta test. It could even be a part of it. This upcoming public beta test includes farming test tokens.

SafeCoin is now called “Safe Network Token” “SNT” since it is a token and seperates it from the bogus safecoins out there.

Farming actual SNT requires the network to be in a state it will not need a restart & wipe of the data. Or at least a reasonable expectation this will not happen. And it can happen with the last lot of test nets (release candidates)


Thanks for the info neo.

Just regarding SNT. I have a little safe coin on a omniwattel. Is that convertible to SNT?

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Yes, it is.

There was only a name change from SafeCoin to Safe Network Token to remove any issues with it seen as a typical crypto coin, and also to remove confusions with any other groups calling their coin SafeCoin.

The conversion will be occurring when the Network is considered stable and ongoing. This may occur during the last one/few (release candidates) betas. Not in the next few months or anything like that.


Reading my first Dev Update in a few years right now :smiley: good to be back!


Would this not also create an issue as there’s already an SNT token via the Status network?

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I don’t think Safe Network Token is necessarily the final choice. Jim and others have acknowledged that it’s a bit of a mouthful.


I didn’t want to bring it up again as I have a couple times but @JimCollinson had suggested simply SN as a ticker. As you say SNT is already taken but when people hear Safe Network Token they naturally just use all the letters. SN would actually put Safe Network at the top of all popular projects on coin market cap starting with “sn” and the like when typing it into the search field, which I think is actually quite clever. It’s different just like how everything else is approached within this project.

But as @Sotros25 says, Jim and others recognize that a shorthand or nickname to something as long as Safe Network Token is desired and may arise organically as users flock to the Safe Network and settle on some clever short/pet name for SN. Suggestions are welcome! :wink:


Great to see you back, nice time to be back too.


Could this be possible when we are live:

There has been issues with Tor v3 addresses not working in the last week or so. Could company’s like Start9 Labs who have a node/server product use the safe network instead of Tor for communication?

Sorry if I don’t understand the technology all that well :flushed: