SAFE Network Dev Update - February 27, 2020

Good update.

Makes me optimistic again.
Good to see CPU and memory usage are on check.

Maidsafe was amongst the first of the ICO wave.
Dust has settled. how many projects have delivered, how many have given up, how many do bring something to the table ?
As the focus is moving to deFi and security tokens, away from protocols, people will realize when Fleming launches that Maidsafe was not only the first ICO but might also be amongst the last standing.

I am still a believer.
Keep it up David.


Great video again @JimCollinson. The complexity of managing such permissions have been distilled away to a pure shot of usability. I honestly think it’s about as intuitive as you could get for the level on control right in front of your face. I give it an A++ personally.

I can’t wait to see how fast “Baby Fleming” is going to be. Will he come out of the gate crawling or running at this point?! Either way, I love and appreciate optimization/efficiency. :slightly_smiling_face:

So many of the components seem as though they are really maturing and it’s such a testament to the effort of the fine folks @maidsafe. Thank you, thank you, thank you :pray: a million times, thank you.


Thanks for the great update Maidsafe devs

Always love to see @JimCollinson vids (Great UX, total user control :kissing_heart:)

Keep em coming :vulcan_salute: :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice work all. Enjoy the journey, babies grow up way too fast.


Money well spent I hope, certainly like the sounds of it, just wanna see them kick butt. Its important to be humble and admit internally where the team may not have the best expertise and where their strengths are to be the most productive. Give this final push the best you got! Lets make 2020 a big year for MAID and for SAFE.


I think a few things help here, focus, dedication and the 4 day week. I have seen some of the team say “I am off today to think”, also just when they think it may be a down day, they are off. Some have young families and it helps a lot there as well. The energy seems higher. We also stepped back to only 2 full team hangouts on tuesday and thursday for max 60 minutes. All of this seems to be helping. Then we have a bunch of folks like @bochaco @oetyng and the likes who are pushing everyone to baby fleming which gives us short term goals that we can mix with medium-term improvements and research.

All in all, it’s coming together nicely., but you don’t want to see the mess that’s the inside of my head these days :wink:


Hopefully wont be long before that mess in your head is down in code ready for @JimCollinson to work his magic. And don’t forget to have a day off yourself :+1:t2:



David, As soon as it stops raining, go for a walk in that lovely valley you live in. And remember, its only lovely cos we get lots of rain :slight_smile:


Yeah, I think the 4 day week, and working smarter rather than longer is a really enlightened step, for a lot reasons. It’s a tragedy we’re not all doing it!

A case in point today. At half past two I was feeling happy and satisfied having finished a hard and difficult job, all day either up a tree in the rain and sleet, or in a river picking up the pieces of said tree, finally thinking we’d earned the right to go home. An hour and half later though, we’d achieved very little extra just filling out the time, and by now I hated my job and was verging on hypothermia!

As @scottefc86 and @Southside say, do apply the same logic to yourself as well, and make sure you get a break!


@david-beinn remember, its only lovely cos we get lots of rain (and sleet, and snow) :slight_smile:

You’ll appreciate it in the three weeks of summer - honest…


Thanks to the team for the hard work and the update.

I wonder if Fleming is going to be a quick stepping stone … with all the testing and improvement happening in routing and Quic and gossip, plus we’ll have baby Fleming to kick around in advance [ ooohh :grimacing: kick the baby!! ] … it feels like Fleming will be here and gone as baby Maxwell will be birthed fairly quickly after that … given how long a road it’s been to get here, people might be really surprised if my supposition is correct.



They grow up so fast :smile:


The baby seems imminent. Very nice job and thanks for all your hard work to the whole team.

I’m a bit curious about the farming piece. ~ a month ago, it was mentioned that simulations were being carried out and an RFC doc in prep. Is the plan still the same or has anything changed on that front? e.g., does farming now depend on the byzantine crdt research as a result of the farming simulation findings or do these two remain on parallel paths?


Cheers man. At the moment these are separate tracks, it’s only time that means farming is not in baby fleming.


:+1: thank you


Thank you for the heavy work team MaidSafe! I add the translation into Bulgarian in the first post :dragon: