These two addresses are from the SAFE.EXCHANGE crowdsale, look here:



Again I can’t log into (400. That’s an error.Error: redirect_uri_mismatch)

@dallyshalla want us to vote through this
No disrespect, but I think that nobody here knows how that works, unless you watched his vid
LIFE IS PEOPLE #176 Daniel Dabek Founder of Safe Exchange @n_9_9_ Unleashing HUMAN potential - YouTube

I love simple, I back what I say with my money, atleast that way it has a little monetary value (because talk = cheap). :stuck_out_tongue:

@dallyshalla you wanted my vote, here is my 100 euro’s no vote (0.18233447 BTC)

If you also hold SEC and love simple, you can vote on the addresses above or go through @dallyshalla’s process. Whatever you do :ballot_box: :kissing_heart:

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Yay! He’s coming back around!!

Where did you find this? Did he just recently post this for everyone?

Let’s bring dally back to SAFE!! :smiley: too bad I never owned any SEC

I can’t say nothing about that, but we can vote now. I just picked the easy way, send bitcoins or whatever you want to one of the two addresses above. That will determine if stay blockchain or returns back to the original idea.

THIS IS NOT @dallyshalla HIS IDEA/WAY OF VOTING, I JUST THOUGHT THAT THIS WAS EASIER/TRANSPARANT. btw I would rather send my bitcoins and give my opinion, instead to just cast a vote. Devs need all the financial help these days.

I can send you some, when the SAFE Network is up and running, but please remind me then :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok I’m confused now. Did he create this vote or you? Are you trying to get him to come back to SAFE?

He created this vote

I just used the addresses he use for the crowdsale to cast my vote. The bitcoin address is yes for blockchain, the maidsafe address is no return back to the SAFE Network with

The only reason I supported SAFE Exchange was because it was going to be a SAFE Network project and I have faith in @dallyshalla . Yeah I would like to see him return and like seneca, contribute code instead of seeing blockchain as a solution.

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Ok, but nothing here says anything about returning to SAFE. Hope that’s actually on his mind

His OP on ask for the SEC holders to vote in which direction they want to go.
Blockchain or SAFE Network? I send money with my vote, because it might cost time and money for him to get back to coding for the SAFE Network.

He’s not gonna come back. He’s so full of anger and bias, he will do anything to be able to do what he wants. I’m harsh, but I’m also unbiased. Listen to the sceptic outsider…

With the voting system live for safeX coin holders, I find it shocking that anyone would vote for the first option.

Yes, implement the proposal exclusively :                              38763099
Yes, implement the proposal consider other platforms as well : 0
No, wait for maidsafe's platform :                                            0

The whole idea was to earn revenue from the maidsafe platform / provide maidsafe with an exchange.

I am not sure why anyone would think they could create their own platform ( certainly doable. ) And get more people using that platform thus making more $$$ than the original plan (seems very unlikely to me. )

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Ask yourself who is (likely) the current owner majority and there you have the answer.


Yeah everyone sold off after the freak out and he bought up others coins on top of probably already having a large amount then acts like it’s some kind of fair democratic process. His voting for what to do is a joke. At least our man @19eddyjohn75 put up a good case over on his forum, good points made and presented in a respectful manner. Of course it came down to, we’ll see what the vote looks like.


im sure theyre dallys votes. hes yet to release instructions on how to vote, so a no brainer imho.

surely no one else will vote that way though. we will see.

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Yeah, you can be sure no one holds any coins now except deluded supporters… anyone left holding now must believe in Daniel and his vision. :laughing:

Good luck to them!

I think we all know that we haven’t lost anything of any value here. Just separating the wheat from that chaff. It’s a blessing really. I’d wager we’ll get more value from any random student in Glasgow than we would ever have gotten from Daniel… and there’s a couple of hundred of them about to start contributing.

by your definition im a deluded supporter. oh well, life goes on. i feel sure the vote wont go after his idea, time will tell.

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Well so was I until quite recently :wink: I sold out the last time it jumped to 50-60 sats with alpha release for maidsafe.

Obvs I should not insult people who were more optimistic than me. The smart ones seem to have sold long before me, or not bought in at all lol

Still though, I think you will be one of very few who did hold this long, so not much chance of the vote going in favour of SAFE, he’s pushed safe away and burned all his bridges now. He’s probably been waiting and accumulating to ensure he has majority of votes before he even put it to vote to ‘seem’ fair :wink:

i dont think he did…
voting has to be restarted as no windows voting sorted yet, but using safe when ready is still the aim!

This is funny and strange that there is now a third vote presumably. I thought the idea was to not continue voting, obviously people still don’t take the SSL warning as serious.

Daniel will find out once the SAFE Network’s vaults is done. I hope the people who encourage him to continue the blockchain route will be willing to “put their money where their mouth is” when he runs out of funds and suddenly decides to move to the SAFE Network. It’s one thing to blindly follow someone and without a question agree with what they say, but it’s another thing if your ready to pay for making that mistake or will you sell your coins to move on to the next gamble.

I paid 100 euro’s just to indicate that I want Daniel to move back to SAFE Network, I’m ready to pay 10% of my SEC to see him do it for real. When our devs make mistakes we should still be there to support them, if we don’t we’ll risk labeling somebody as untrustworthy while they might not be. It’s more important to have everybody coding in this space. Devs are also human and we all make mistakes (I’m even front runner with making mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:).

Daniel and his team created a milkyway worth over $300K. People who create decentralized value should be our hero’s, I’m supporting @dallyshalla no matter what, even if he decides to put in the fridge for 10 years, I’m still holding my coins.

Yeah the Glasgow news was the best ever, we’re slowly getting there to turn this into a bigger community. That while I tried to teach kids about cryptocurrencies (Maidsafecoin more) at the local library, but adult still see this (bitcoin) as a scam so I can’t really get there yet. :disappointed:

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I think you’re both deluding yourselves personally. Daniel hates safe now, he speaks only with venom, disgust and anger when he talks about the project and people on this forum. Maybe you guys have enough control of your ego and pride to come back from this level of ‘mistake’, but it is very clear now that Daniel does not.

There is no way he will ever come back to SAFE or admit he was wrong, when it becomes undeniable (SAFE succeeds and his crazy blockchain market fails) he will just completely disappear. This’s what ego and pride do to people.

But hey, it’s your money, it’s up to you if you want to flush it rather than use it to support a project that IS actually going to build something functioning on SAFE.

People like Daniel cannot be any help building this community, they are too concerned with themselves and their own ego. I think we’re better off without him. He never added any real value, he just deceived people about what he was going to build with their money, waited for them all to sell, then pretended to have a ‘vote’ with the couple of people who were left so he could point to the direction they wanted to go in. /sigh

I’m not going to waste my breath on this topic again, but I think it’s a shame that good people like you two will waste any more time or money on a lost cause.

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there is no way to support safe…
bttf is done
buying coins doesnt support safe
im still up on my investment
if it fails its not the end of the world, only put 1 coin in
currently no one is fundraising for a safe project
if i knew a good coder id fund my own, but plan to do that anyway, why profit share by having ico, when i can take all risk / reward?

Daniel just didn’t have the patience to wait, but in time he’ll learn.

Even things like redirecting to can be seen as an action of a cheerleader of the SAFE Network. Eventually he’ll have to explain new people why it’s redirected that way.

Actions speak louder than words, but being there (knowing what someone is going through and the reason why an action is taken) is a decibel higher IMHO. I think we’re better off without clearnet, not people. We’re luckily all far from perfect, but we can help each other with our different skills/ideas.

@dallyshalla and others like him are the future teacher on SAFE Network academies around the world, I firmly believe that. Let’s not push each other away, we are the first passengers on this decentralized bus and the road is still bumpy.

Thanks a lot for your sensible warning. I think that because we have become more aware of our money and can see it in action that we are now somehow hypersensitive, which can cause panic and lost of value. News is already enough to move prices, cause mass hysteria, I guess I’m just stubborn. I ignore news and believe in ideas and people working to execute them. :stuck_out_tongue: