Rust 1.0 backed by Mozilla

Found it interesting seeing this and wanted to share.

Is the Mozilla Foundation involved at all with the SAFE Network? I saw talks of an extension for Firefox for accessing the SAFE Network but wasn’t able to locate much else. Thanks.


It’s a little hard to parse the poor grammar and syntax of the article (not to mention the fact that I know little of what they’re talking about), but I wonder what this quote from the article might refer to:

“While the Rust URL parser may not find its way into Firefox any time soon, although a request to optionally include the same was recently opened. They meant that Rust, which is exclusive among niche languages, has a big and important software project that could one day use some amount of Rust code.” [emphasis added]

Could it be SAFE?


I believe Rust was built by mozilla so that they could build the servo browser GitHub - servo/servo: The Servo Browser Engine

Servo is intended to be a “maximum parallel” browser – And rust makes it a lot easier to write code that cannot break when you have lots of parallel threads.

The browser and the network written in the same language and with Servo’s… ‘loosely coupled components making for easier refactoring’ …possibly the next step after the SAFE browser plugin