Robots on Film

Scary to think that all these robots will be learning from each other via SAFE :wink:


Yes we really are entering the Matrix on so many levels. I see all this tech as leading to either a Utopian Dream or an Orwellian Nightmare becoming reality. Every step and it’s potential consequences should be carefully considered.
Luckily though, I’m exactly like Neo out of the Matrix, (I mean if George Clooney played the role), so everything’s going to be OK ladies…don’t worry, I’m here.

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The technological singularity will be awesome, I am pretty confident about that. But that doesn’t mean we can just sit back and let it happen. As Ray Kurzweil said, it depends on us humans developing the technology, and also that we prevent the technology from spinning out of control into dangerous directions.

The SAFEnet could potentially be an important piece of the foundation for the technological singularity. With great power comes great responsibility. With godlike power comes total responsibility! :smiley:

No Metropolis, 1984, A Brave New World, Matrix or Terminator scenario, thank you very much.

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No thanks

A technological singularity is basically inevitable as I see it. Check for example out the exponential-exponential long-term history: Singularity is Near -SIN Graph - Paradigm Shifts for 15 Lists of Key Events

Why wouldn’t you want the SAFEnet to be a piece of that progress?

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I see the singularity as 100% bullshit…vapourware.

Ray Kurzweil’s graphs disagree with you. I learned about that fairly recently a few years back and when I pointed it out, people called Kurzweil a kook almost, but the skeptics went very silent when Google hired Kurzweil as a chief engineer. Ha ha.

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A great fit


Have you been sniffing your paint again @Al_Kafir!


I think you mean Clooney in Burn After Reading @al_kafir :wink:


Ooh…more like Burn After Reply…