RFC - Unified Structured Data

I will try, As an App dev you select a type_Tag and way to create identities (i.e. hash of a username is an easy one). You supply the correct keys etc. and you have a place on the network where the network will protect and perfectly update your data, regardless what it is.

So the rules are,

  1. You must supply an initial owner of the data (owners_key) and make is same as previous owner.
  2. This is now transferrable data :wink: hold … hold … hold …

So now you have a space where your client software can go to get something So what can that something be ?

This is what is good about this, that something can be anything, such as

  1. Dns records
  2. Document types
  3. Tokens
  4. Directory listings
  5. Calculations
  6. Code (something that will take instructions and execute them)

So pretty much anything you can do today, but SAFE secure and decentralised. So what if your data won’t fit into the 100Kb limit?

Then you create immutable data chunks (easy take data hash it, the hash is the name data is the content).

So then consider some very basic features and examples:

  1. All data can be encrypted or plain (private or public).

  2. All data is now cryptographically secured and transferable

  3. All data is now able to be manipulated via a quorum of owners agreeing to do so (M + N sharing). So like Judge Dredd when the judges have to vote to re-open the Janus project :wink: Well more important than than. Important ALL DATA is now able to be handled like this, everything!

Example usage

  1. Smart contracts, using external oracles or even plain escrow capable systems (ebay etc. should be easy)

  2. Business decisions by a board/group all handled automatically (you decide on the data, then network does this for free for you).

  3. Document histories and changes (github like data) and much more easily implemented.

  4. Mashable data (dynamic websites, forums, commenting systems) all become very simple. This should extend to different API’s between SAFE systems as well.

  5. Ownership transfer of any document (house, car, guitar ownership papers) very simple

  6. … this goes on forever, but just think securely transferable quorum based data of any type, I have no clue what folks will build, but I can imagine this is where SAFE network goes beyond building only what is available on todays networks.

Of course again all controlled by the people and no intermediaries or banning etc. now applies to App developers and content creators as it has been for users and farmers. Now what will we be prepared to do :wink: