"Read-only mode"

Hi, you might be seeing a message such as:

Read-only mode is enabled. You can continue to browse the site but interactions may not work.

I’m not fully sure what is causing this but I’ve contacted Discourse Hosting (@DHSupport) immediately after @neo made me aware of the issue.

As soon as I have more info, I’ll reply to this topic with an update. I don’t have any control over the server hosting the forum so I have to wait for them to tell what the issue is. Since it’s Sunday I think they might not answer me until tomorrow. We’ll see.


I’m posting this despite “Read only mode” being shown in the title area of the input box!


Hey everyone, the issue has been fixed :smiley:

Here is the email I got from Discourse Hosting:

It seems like your forum ran into trouble because of a bug in Discourse related to daylight savings time.
This caused the backup scheduler to go completely nuts and make multiple backups at the same time, filling up the disk and leaving your forum in read only mode.

My apologies for the inconvenience. This issue happened on a lot of our servers independently so we had our hands full on fixing everything.

We have cleaned up the disk space and restarted the scheduler. This has solved the problem. If you still have issues, please reply to this email.