Problem with iOS 7 (Mobile Safari)

… is that it gives silly errors when you click on any topic (can’t load it now, possible connection issue, etc.).

A workaround is to authenticate/login. Otherwise it’s impossible to read these forums.

iOS version: 7
Device: iPad

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Seems to be a bug in Discourse, someone else reported it on I’ll watch the topic there to see when they have a solution.

Yea I reported the sucker over there too.

Later I discovered after login the original silly error is replaced by another silly error which requires manual reload (new annoyance, but at least the site still can be browsed). I updated the issue there.

So it appears that to read one can remain not logged in, but all pages have to be manually reloaded using “Try again”. Not very usable at this moment.

Oh, that was you. :smiley: Do you have the same problem on If not, I’ll try to figure out what might be different here.

Yep, the same problem there as well. I think they need to fix it upstream. Or maybe it’s an iOS bug.

  1. I have an ad blocker on the device and I suspect the problem happens due to the parsing of the content which prevents some part of page content to load before this activity times out.
  2. Workaround: white-list*
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