Poloniex on Withdrawing BTC

How long does the Poloniex exchange take to withdrawal BTC?

I’m having to liquidate a little through MasterXchange right now, and BTC’s price is really awesome right now…

…but MasterXchange is gonna make me wait up to 48 hours for processing…

So for the future, how long would Poloniex take for me to get my rightfully owned BTC out of there?

I couldn’t find anything about it on their site

It’s quite quick, you will just need to confirm the withdraw by email.

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Wow that makes them so much better than MasterXchange

masterXchange sends all the withdrawals manually

usually less than 24hours

Within minutes for poloniex, unless you put in the wrong address like I did one time.

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few mins > 24 to 48 hrs :stuck_out_tongue:

what happened after you used the wrong address? were you able to fix?

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