Poll: Should MaidSafe implement PtP (Pay the Provider)?

I voted “Yes, Depending on the Implementation.”

I agree with some of the concerns but also feel we have an opportunity to create an alternative solution. Here’s my thoughts on how I reached this decision.

Q: What if it fails?
A: Then it fails. Innovation rarely comes without the possibility of failure.

Q: What if it breaks or doesn’t work the way we expect?
A: Then we fix it, change it, or scrap it.

Q: Isn’t human feedback the best way to valuate a product or service?
A: Yes, but major networks still use “view count” to determine popularity. Even though some or all views were a negative experience. So they got clever and created a “like/dislike” system to filter out click baits. I’m surprised AD companies still payout on views, knowing about this flaw.

This is where I reached my conclusion.
The intention is promising because it attracts (uploaders) who pay nothing on networks like (youtube, facebook, google). On the SAFE Network, they must pay Safecoin to upload, which could be a deterrent.

PtP compensates uploaders by rewarding them for their effort and expense. After the Network is popular, it may not be as relevant. This is why new businesses hold “Grand Opening Events” to get the ball rolling. This is also the reason I think it should be done at the beginning, or shortly after public release.

This part is for the implementation options Poll, assuming we have one later. I’m putting my thoughts/ideas here before I forget.

Perhaps, a LIKE System would be a simple and most effective solution.

  • It requires human feedback.
  • It can incur a micro payment cost in SAFE GB, instead of Safecoin.
  • It can be made unique per account, preventing spam.
  • It measures positive views more accurately.
  • It removes the (File Size VS File Price) problem.

For people concerned about the Safecoin economy, I recommend rewarding SAFE GB as an alternative. By the way, this doesn’t stop: donations, pay per view, subscriptions, or any other revenue steam.