Politician jumps on the blockchain: George Galloway proposes London "Mayors chain" accountability


Using technology to make every detail of the budget visible to the public as a first step.


A fully distributed, tamper-proof ledger of transactions keeping track of spend vs budget.


Members of the public can suggest cost savings that, if adopted, will free up resources for better results.

London Mayoral candidate George Galloway is taking his hard-hitting campaign to the heart of the City of London’s ‘square mile’, or ‘Treasure Island’ as he dubs it, with a rally next week.

The event takes place at 6pm on Wednesday July 1st at the Railway Tavern in Liverpool Street, where George will be joined by Max Keiser, the host of RT’s massively popular ‘Keiser Report’, to outline his vision for London’s future.

The former Bradford West MP commented: “I will focus on the gross inequalities and shady dealings that have long since turned the ‘square mile’ into a veritable ‘Treasure Island’ for those banksters, financiers and speculators, who have turned financial malfeasance into an ugly art form to the detriment of all other Londoners, who don’t have millions of pounds to play with, and particularly those living in abject poverty within spitting distance of the trading floors and champagne bars.”



But totally backwards from today’s system, so I don’t see it ever happening

George Galloway has been turned by UKs MI5.

George is a convenient “lightning rod” for the more naive of the radical left in the UK. A fine orator and legendary debater, he is unfortunately totally ineffective as a politician and is regarded here more as a figure of fun than anyone to be taken seriously.
Needless to say the Tory press secretly love him while pretending to lambast him daily.
Sad to see Max Keiser being involved with a charlatan like Galloway. This will do the crypto movement no good whatsoever.

/me gets down off his Irn Bru crate

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If saying shit made it true, you’d have a point. I don’t know if you’re deliberately being ironic. Too much the dull normal dominates; comments such as yours only help maintain the current problem and indulge the existing power and wealth to the detriment of us all. Even if you do not like Galloway, you should be encouraged that he is not made of cardboard. We need a better spread of politicians who can encourage progress and challenge the nonsense we suffer. Galloway; Keiser and others are useful for pointing out the systemic errors that Government and their lackeys like to ignore.

Galloway clearly has more integrity than most all the MPs we suffer. His idea of putting Stafford Scott as head of the Met was a good one… we need change and someone who can shake the tree.


I actually agree with almost all of what Galloway actually says - his stance on self-determination for Scotland excepted.
The problem is the guy himself, an ego the size of a small planet and a rather troubling attitude to expenses and accounting, He is a figure of fun and somebody the crypto movement would do well to avoid as he will lose you a damn sight more friends than he could ever make.
He has obviously been “turned” by MI5 who have doubtless let him know exactly what shit it is they have on him. If he would do the dirty work for the Brit establishment during the recent referendum in Scotland, then he will do the dirty work for the bankers and all those to whom crypto is a threat.
He is not to be trusted under any circumstances. Sorry if this is unwelcome news to you but thats the way it is. The words “integrity” and “George Galloway” do not belong in the same sentence.

Nothing of value would be lost, if such ‘freinds’ are so weak minded.
Doing what is right, matters more than doing what is popular. The alternate leads directly to corrupt; immoral; and regretable actions.

Again, saying shit doesn’t make it true. Defaulting to conspiracy, rather than making any effort to understand the reality, is just lazy.

You comments above are full of prejudice and reaction… which is something that we do know that Galloway suffers but that is more reason to support him. Perhaps you have been taken in by the propoganda mounted against Galloway… irony there. The judgement of those who attack Galloway so fiercely, are by default suspect. You are doing nothing to acknowledge the Good he has done.

Specifically, you missed noting one aspect of his work that is worthy… George Galloway does well, fairly criticising Israel for its ignorant actions over many years. As we all know, Israel deserves to be hauled over the coals for its immoral actions. If you want to consider the limits of integrity, then you should measure Galloway fairly against what he is dealing with; Israel is disingenuous and selfish to an extreme, that no reasonable person should tolerate. Israeli supporters are on the losing end of an argument and Galloway should be acknowledged for the Good he has done challenging them.

If I stooped to your level and mirrors the level of your arguement, I would suggest you were obviously turned (read corrupted) by Israeli fanboyz. Roll the borders back to 1947, I say!

Couldn’t agree more with you re Palestine and the actions of Israel and especiallly a return to 1947 boders, no pissing about with appeasement and 1967 fudges.
I had avoided raising that topic as it was likely to degenerate into a pure slagging match and I dont want that to happen. Maidsafe has already lost a possibly valuable contributor whose views on Palestine and the Arabs are controversial to put it at its most kindly.
I dont think this is the really the forum for such a discussion. However I will add that those who are such strong supporters of Galloway are rarely those who have interacted with him for any length of time.
As I said, a convenient lightning rod for the more gullible of the radical left and anti-zionist movement. There is no “conspiracy” about MI5, Throughout the indyref campaign, whenever George deigned to grace Scotland with his prescence, he was accompanied by known MI5 and Special Branch officers. Having had the dubious pleasure of being in the presence of and occaisionally manhandled by these people at various times over the past 30 years, myself and my comrades know some of the faces. Same faces, same black 4x4s that were always first and last away from any venue that GG appeared at.
A rat, whose actions have long undone any good work for Paletinians and Arabs in general.
They got shit on George, told him his fortune and now he does exactly what he is told.
Unfortunate and it is sad and dispiriting when one you have looked up to (as I and many others once did) is shown to be something different from the projected image, but unfortunately the truth.
And I never even mentioned Big Brother once. Or leotards.

Well it still seems you’re trying to smear him on the back of no evidence. So what if he’s hand holding spooks, judge by results. The spooks will engage anything that’s useful for Government’s awareness of reality; love them or hate them, mostly they are just functional drones and there’s no point getting worked up about their existing. It’s the same with Assange, he might be Mossad like Snowden alluded to but value what he has done for transparency and accountability. It’s too easy to critique any subject… value the positive and fairly critique the negative but don’t try and maintain a fallacy that they are of no use whatsoever. Who would you prefer is London Mayor… another big Government cardboard cutout?.. I’d rather we saw more personalities in politics not less; Galloway might be controversial to some but there is positive value in being provocative.

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Really could not give a monkeys about who is London mayor - its a foreign country to me and most of my friends.
As for “no evidence” I have the evidence of my own eyes and his actions over the past few years.

Guess we are going to have to differ on this - not that it matters because this is not a suitable subject for this forum - It can only engender bad feeling which we can do without.
I won’t be commenting any further on this subject, I hope you will take that decision in the spirit it was meant and in no way am I running away from a debate/fight. Those who know me will tell you that does not happen. It’s why I know so much about the company Galloway now keeps.

Here endeth another lesson on the wisdom of not interfering in foreign politics…

Last word - tell that to the Brits. Who btw are responsible for the whole Palestine mess anyway - Google Balfour and the arrogance of the Brit imperialists who thought they could just draw lines and the natives would concur without a cheep

Now muting this topic

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It’s not a race to see who’s stupidest!.. Defence of arbitrary boundaries is a silly business. The People all over the world need Good Government and to encourage that, they need liberal tools, like SAFE. See how it all begins to make sense… perhaps in the future then we will not repeat the errors of the past.

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Sad to hear these things about Galloway, love his rhetoric, and more than just a little. There were black community rap songs made about him so soaring was his presentation.

Here’s a big gaping hole in their logic: Who’s going to accept their tokens? I mean sure they can create their own tokens but who’s going to buy them? Also cryptocurrency value tends to flucturate what if the value of their “promisary notes” or tokens differentiates from the value of their currency? “This note is values at 1.5 Euros.” “I’m sorry sure I can only redeem it for 1 Euro.” “Get stuffed! I’m selling this note for bitcoin and getting it’s full value!” Then a week later the value of their tokens drops and they’re not worth 0.5 Euros and people start redeeming them in droves, and the gov’t is out a ton of money.

A quick look suggested nothing to me about buying tokens.

It suggests:

A fully distributed, tamper-proof ledger of transactions keeping track of spend vs budget.

That’s just a public data ledger… a unique reference that helps show off blockchain’s potential beyond money.

Also, it’s possible to have tokens pegged to the value of the GBP or other… you just need the consensus or formal backing for that… in the same way any physical coin is redeemable.

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