Is it possible to have a playground with a sand pit in it for people like me, Warren and Blindsite to play in?
What I mean is that some topics are just so off topic or turn into other topics and, then you have to start a new topic to avoid going off topic…phew…sometimes you just can’t be arsed, so you carry on a bit too much, or decide to just end a potentially interesting or even interestingly insane conversation early.
I just think people like to play and sometimes we all enjoy arguing, and things can sometimes get heated. particularly if it’s about something close to your heart - problem is that other people might not be interested in long dialogues about things they’re not interested in.
Can we do anything differently do you think? Can we have a new category maybe…“Talking bollocks” or even “Talking bollocks with ALKafir” maybe…lol. Then all the mods have to do is move stuff to that category, or I can offer to move, or people can self move …or more likely all my posts get moved to it…lol
What’s the betting this is now the first post on a new category?


Interesting off topic article from the other day…pertinent to the source of personality, emotions, disorders etc

I’d be reluctant to add a second off-topic category unless there’s significant demand. This could be achieved in PMs by inviting several people to the thread, though obviously that’s not public, which makes it invite only.

Another way would be to have a disclaimer in the OP + a tag (“Play” ?) in the subject.

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Well there’d have to be open public demand for it as you say…and I’d rather not invite people privately because then it’s not open. People would just PM you I think if they thought it a good idea anyway I think, so no probs…just an idea

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another related article here that also ties in with how the Psychiatry conversation (In forum spies thread) ended and also flirts with the AI thread…again from Medical Express:

'Dimmer switch' for mood disorders discovered

Lol how bout y’all lovebirds just swap dem digits n chat away :slight_smile:

…actually I enjoy reading the random chats :slight_smile:

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Are you insane?

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Sanity is relative :stuck_out_tongue:

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To what…lol

The beholder.

Therefore I can not possibly answer

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I’ve actually created a chat room (with Slack) for Project SAFE. Right now we use it to talk about development, meetups and also to chat one-on-one or in private groups but I could create a channel for random stuff. It would be the perfect place to go off-topic. And when something feels important you can create a post on the forum.

PM me your email and I’ll invite you :smile:


Yeah Cheers for that…my issue is more the other way round though. It’s more about having a place to go to (on the forum) to continue a new topic that’s evolved from another one, rather than wanting a place to start talking bollocks, then if any of it makes sense to anybody else, then bring it back to the grown up table…for discussion …lol.
I like the idea of the Chatroom though and may well use it in the future.
Was just reading about confusing correlation with causation btw, which would be relevant to a number of threads and found this cartoon quite amusing:

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