OTC trading

Is there anyone currently willing to simply OTC swap OMNI maid for eMaid?

I have OMNI maid, I want to swap it for eMaid. I’m not doing KYC bull****

So you are willing to sell MAID to buy eMAID ?

I didn’t want to “sell”
I just want my exact amount of OMNI maid swapped for eMaid.
After all they are supposed to be the exact same token and price

If someone wanted to buy some nanos on Beta Testnet, how much $$ would you want from him? :smiling_imp:

There’s not that much un-owned nano’s to go around. How much do you need/want ?

That’s just a thought-experiment. I wanted some nanos for tests with uploading files, but this was just a first idea, then 5 seconds later I realized I can use local testnet for that. Nevertheless, first thought was so interesting, that I decided to share it. It’s true un-owned nanos are rare in Beta, and they are very valuable, because of their impact on leaderboard. Any nano sold or spent on uploads is a nano out of leaderboard. Rewards are huge and nanos are hard to earn. Given the value of nanos, my brain explodes on how much would a full token cost. Let’s say a nano is 1$, then it makes 1 beta-token cost 1 billion, nice prespective for eMAID :wink:

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Lol it’ll change at some point. Once the network is big and stable enough and the network will be loaded, nano’s will flow.

Doing some uploading and downloading testing is indeed better done on a private testnet.

That makes nanos greatly inflatory :slight_smile:

I have 10 nodes earning for rewards and 12 for my uploads. So far I have 60 for rewards and 130 for uploads.

Some have offered to donate some for uploads. I didn’t think of buying them. Seems daft really when Autonomi could provide small amounts to trusted devs for this.

I’ll need quite a few more than I have so far.