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Open Source Media

Open source media implies at its core a transparent process. But transparency doesn’t mean that some powerful or wealthy entity is identified and then is able to commence with drowning out and brainwashing. Project SAFE may finally provide the tools we need to break through and produce Open Source Media through distributed automated organizations.

Some rough thoughts about what might serve us in this adventure:

A system free of conflict of interest and free of undue influence. A system immune to money and power or built on an ever improving basis with regard to this central issue. This means no sponsorship and honest search and trending.

A system that very likely runs on end user hardware and resources- i.e., mesh phones that bypass a toll road internet.

A system meant above all to empower end users as end users. This means users have full control over interfaces and control over their attention, they are never interrupted and no modal interfacing is allowed- the end user software is designed at the OS level to benefit end users in this way.Makes some people’s business models obsolete? Again great, a lot of us would pay to see that happen.

A system that supports raw anonymity- un-moderated forums where unidentified hopefully free of pseudonyms (pseudonyms are brands) information can be exchanged without any contamination by identity issues. This is not a system concerned with citation or copyright, or trade secrets or patent. Its transcends these.

A system where end users can easily weed spam, for a spam free system. Spam is noise that is in the way of the free exchanges of ideas based on the merits of those ideas. Search is the best place to filter spam. After all filtering is the point of search, and what we are trying to do with open movements, to a large degree, is filter the establishment filter. Effective feedback on successful end users searches or trending is a large clue to weeding out spam. A few people hit some spam, and those people volunteering a few clicks have picked up that litter for the rest of the system.

These are opt in systems by default on everything. There is no worry here about business models. Such systems are possibly aimed more at eliminating destructive business models than anything else. Business can’t be the priority here, it’s in the backseat at best. If anything, a large part of the utility here would be policing business that doesn’t work.

These are systems that can get beyond a bunch of paid shill fake end users or bots, but do so without getting crazy about trying to ID people. The point is not the advancement of personalities or enhancement of charisma effects.

After a while with these systems we will remember that that money absolutely is not speech and also that the point of business is not profit. Any business that is based on profit is weak, uninspired and tending toward going under as it cheapens everything out. Any business or product that will thrive provides value and is in it to provide the best on an ever improving basis. Business can’t be a prelude to a parasite feast.

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All business is based on profit. If you’re not making profit you go out of business. @Warren I think you have failed to understand how a budget works.

Incidently I think you’d enjoy this TED talk.

Looked at the link. Interesting point. It looks like they’ve been trying to save what was referred to as the “TV Industrial Complex” with the anti neutrality scam. I wonder if the communication through the shill filled blogsphere will be enough to save us or at least allow us to get to the later stages of Project SAFE.

Yes you make a point that went unstated. Its not like business is easy or any of us necessarily have a working crystal ball. If someone trying to run a business isn’t careful and prudent and trying to generate surpluses, the odds of going under pretty quickly are are pretty strong. Its not like people demanding access to your funds diminishes with success. Just the stress of making payroll is huge. So of course people must mind profit carefully even if they have no intention of ever cashing in.

I am not suggesting that people don’t want the good life and that profit isn’t a possible means of attaining it. Its just profit is a deathly distraction for a serious business. It would be like trying to win a tough street bike race when you can’t look at anything other than the gas gauge. Buffet was big on this kind of thing. Jobs just as loud about it. Even Jack Welch said stock holders were far from the first constituents even as he met earnings targets some outrageous number of times.

Even if I am the phenomenally competent, if I am just going through the motions to cash in I am apt to lose against someone who is on fire for what they do. That would hold even if by chance what lights my fire is chasing after profit in this way. Its simply too indirect.