OmniWallet takes forever to send MAID?

Does that happen to anyone else?

Like, I type everything in & press “Send,”

and then get the spinning wheel of death from their site and the page stays that way until I close it.

Then my transaction never goes through.

Does this happen for anyone else?

Are you using firefox? Because I have the same problem, what you need to do is load omniwallet up in chrome. I guess they’re not a fan of firefox…

“Omniwallet recommends the use of Chrome, since the wallet may not yet function perfectly on other browsers.”


You the man!

Thanks a ton. Got it working on Chrome on my Android, as per your advice :smile: I’m still a firefox fan though :slight_smile:

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This is still the case.

I was scratching my head for a moment when the send timed out and omniwallet was asking for login details again.

Thanks your response saved me time and effort. And now the slow wait for the transaction to pass through the system

I am testing out sending a few MAIDSAFEcoin to make sure I know how, since sometime in the nearer than before future we will need to send out saved tokens for exchange to SAFEcoin. [EDIT: watching the transactions caused by the send from omni wallet, it took some hours to go through]


It’s a $40 BTC-transfer fee to send MAID from Omniwallet to anywhere???
Wow uh, does anybody know if Omniwallet really requires that?? Can I try less?
Sorry for putting the question here, I guess? (Most other Omni-related threads are locked.)

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