New interenet by DARPA

anyone heard of this yet?


Impressive. Sounds very like SAFENetwork / zero MQ.

Owned (patents) by US Government & corporations. So of limited usefulness in the age of decentralisation.


It’s developed by DARPA.

The fundamentals of Arcanet was created there, and Internet just came from Arcanet.

Not sure about that. 99% of population doesn’t care about decentralisation, or who owns the patents.

Is it just me, or is there a suspiciously large amount of spelling mistakes in the pdf?
I’m not really understanding the nature of the document tbh…I’ll read on but my Kafir spidey senses are tingling… :smile:

Edit:…Ok I’m saying it screams scam :smiley:


I think when you talk about 99%, that your talking about Americans, so 319M people. Because I don’t think that the rest of the worlds 6.7B people, will even care about a second US created internet.

Don’t get me wrong, I like this. Becasue this new internet, will only improve Maidsafe’s inner working.

Edit 2 Al_Kafir’s Edit:… It sure does. But they (Darpa) is surely working on a better internet


And what about this ? US7957355B1 - Swarm autonomous routing algorithm for mobile ad hoc network communications - Google Patents

Military tech of the type shown here:


Sorry, just to clarify, I was saying the pdf presentation and companies linked sounds fishy to me (the middleman) - not that DARPA has developed the tech. :smiley:

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It looks like bullshit to me. I don’t think it’s real.

DARPA is working on tech similar to this but it has a different name. It’s called delay tolerant networks not “swarm T”.

It’s possible it could be a contractor but it doesn’t fit how DARPA usually does things. They usually don’t use the sort of buzzwords in that paper, also if it were DARPA it would usually be on a DARPA associated site or from a known contractor rather than some obscure dropbox.

Yes, that’s what i mean it just all sounds a bit incongruous with the methods one would expect a US defense dept to go about recruiting partners etc. :smiley:

Who cares if they made a decentralized internet?..I can guarantee the NSA access will be baked in with a bow on top…


If genuine information, that looks at face value much more impressive than IBM’s Adept ad hoc solution. I tried to find more information about Swarm-T and found nothing! Will do some more searches and read the PDF further.

One less impressive fact is this: “HIGH SCALABILITY!.. 10’s OF THOUSANDS OF NODES”. Tens of thousands of nodes? Sounds like a small number. Shouldn’t such new technology be able to handle billions of nodes? Especially if it’s for the Internet of Things.


I found this: Swarm.T.Ad-Hoc.Networking.Technology.Simulation –

Looks pretty neat. Difficult to tell if it will be effective in a real swarm.

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Sounds like battlefield stuff.