New Decentralized Marketplace(BitMarket) released today possible collaboration?

Today we’re releasing Bitmarkets, a client for private decentralized marketplaces. It’s based on Bitcoin two party escrow and uses Bitmessage and Tor for privacy. Open source, free and no fees.
Application, source, white paper and protocol spec available at:
First version available for Max OS X 10.9 or higher.
Note: This is an early beta. It works but it’s not polished. Any feedback would be really helpful.

Github Note:

no, we don’t trust Tor.


I’m thinking that a realistic use case for safe network upon release is bitmessage replacement. I heard that the safe network will have a messaging app upon release and so why couldn’t bitmarkets replace bitmessage with safe? Wouldn’t it mean that the client would run faster and be more anonymous. I feel bitmessage is a less responsive solution on the bitmarkets platform.

Tor then would only be used for the bitcoinj client.

Blackhalo already done this way before they released it. Bitmarket, blackhalo, openbazaar run on different concepts. But all of them run along with bitmessage. I proposed them tox which is a better alternative, they scrap the idea. I don’t think they’ll switch anytime soon.

Somebody in safenet will have to build it, or fork it, and replace the message protocol.

So bitmarkets uses bitmessage public channels to post listings and private bitmessage channels to complete deals.

How does blackhalo/bithalo work?

Same thing with one unique difference, it’s a double down trustless escrow with python contracts.

Bitmarkets also uses the nashx system So the difference would only be the “python contracts” from what you say.

Wow, so bitmarket already took the idea from blackhalo. It is exactly the same thing!

Same but BitMarket seems to make privacy default. BlackHalo doesn’t mention privacy or anonymity once and they are using their own coin, which seems would deter them from building towards a network like safe that has a competing coin?