Nasty Party plans for "New Internet"

The UK is scarily becoming 1984.
They are using Bush’s playbook to undermine (even further) the civil liberties under the disguise of national security…

This could get ugly.

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Although her party doesn’t have a majority anymore, she still want to regulate the internet:

An interesting response:

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If she made effective security and privacy illegal in the UK she would create a mass exodus of talent and money. If she even gets through a fraction of her cyber wish-list I will certainly ship my family off somewhere safer (not that I have any talent or much money ;)).

I doubt she will since it obviously isn’t feasible for any legislation to be effective in making communication in the UK accessible.

It is interesting that she either thinks she can be effective, or has ulterior motives though. Perhaps she knows full well that all she can do is create a new ‘war on cyber’ like the war on drugs, which doesn’t do anything except create a lot of useless and unhelpful govt jobs and a new ecosystem around enforcement and fines for big companies. I wonder whether she and her advisers are really that naive, or if they know exactly what it is they actually want to do?! :disappointed_relieved:

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I’m guessing a combination of being naive and saying what they think her (potential) voters want to hear.

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Political noise is fine, but if we see actual wheels turning I’ll be pretty quick about putting my house on the market. Hopefully it is the same poorly thought out and ill-informed rubbish we always get from the old boys network and it will amount to nothing.

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Here is some good news: European Parliament Committee Recommends End-To-End Encryption For All Electronic Communications.
This is still a proposal, but it does look good!
I also have my doubts that the UK will leave the EU…