Multiple accounts on windows

How would maidsafe work with multiple user accounts on a desktop? Would each account need maidsafe?

If you are talking about multiple windows users, I presume each windows session can have an instance of the safe launcher running with a different safenet user logged in.


Yes. But Im thinking of an instance where I can I guess what I mean is proxy the whole computer through maidsafe where any other user would not have to worry of logging in.In other words, privilege the accounts with the encrypted surfing but not have access to the uploading end.I would like to proxy the whole computer through the network in order to protect back door attack into my account such as key stroke viruses or using anothers account to access mine. I know it wouldnt stop all.Just thinking how to close loop holes.Im kinda mixing 2 things here though, but you kinda getting where im going?

So a user will not be able to login to two safenet user accounts at the same time on the same pc ? will that not be a problem ?

No thats not what Im saying.Were getting into theoretical , but you already helped me answer the initial question but look as if you were admin of the computer and others were which are your kids and wife had their own accounts but you were the admin. Just like admin, you would have exec privilege such as making changes but others dont on your pc. In a way I as admin would surrender my pc to the maidsafe net but uploads into this web whether private or public folders would need admin permission, but… the advantage of encrypted surfing would be givin to those ie. family to surf with the advantage of privacy. It’s no new news that Gov. is documenting ones childs history and activity which may hurt them later in life with whatever new law or background comes to affect in the future. But. a child should have checks and balances to what they are permitted to upload or whatsuch by the parents discretion. Thats just one point. Im kinda brainstorming now. I see that this maidsafe cant truly be safe until all is decentralized including a pc but with checks from parent from the youth til they learn. I can not protect my pc ie. info.

To merely access data/sites the user does not need to be logged in (to SAFEnetwork)

Only if the user wishes to store any data would the user need to be logged in.

So you could include the launcher in the startup for all users so when they log into your windows computer they will have the launcher running and access the SAFEnetwork

If they want to access their private data or store data they then use the launcher to log into the SAFEnetwork. I would expect any user that knows about storing data on SAFE or access their private data then also knows they need to log into the SAFE network. Similar to logging into windows or any other web site that requires logging into

Well…I expect that eventually we will be able to mount drive with safenet, so the admin can set it up, and the user doesn’t really need to do anything since the system will use the credentials to log in as soon the drive is mounted…just thinking out loud.

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Now youre in my world. I already have a concept thats achievable but dont wanna share out loud.It goes beyond what you just said but is in the same ballpark.

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Cool! How would it sound if you can have your Tails persistent volume to be your SAFE Drive? :wink:

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lol! Sure that would be a next logical step if it could be done but what I see coming would make it unnecessary Hardware would have to changed a bit but a marriage to a maidsafe net of web and machine to become one where even what one would store on the pc would be as it is with maidsafe. That will be the day our pc says to the gov. ‘I hear you knockin but you cant come in’

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Can you access maidsafe through tails?

No, what I meant was that it could be cool to have a driver for tails so that the Persistent volume is a SAFE drive.

The reason Im throwing ideas out there is that I would like to see what happened to this web happens to computers.A decentralizing of a pc where an o.s. acts as safe does.For instance, when downloading bank statements and things as social security info, family vids and pics when dl would scatter throughout the computer in bits where files act the same as the maidsafe network does. This would require a bit of hardware change too, but essentially reinvent a pc hardware makeup and o.s. A pc makes triplicate copies of a file that even when deleted leave vulnerable info. Wipe programs as Hillary has discovered dont eliminate everything.I believe the maidsafe concept should apply to the pc also.