Morphis DHT - Similar Project

This project seems similar, coder seems to be very driven. Has been leaking and sharing stuff the last few days on reddit, binaries out tomorrow. DHT Data store, same goal - Universal Freedom :slight_smile: I love this stuff…


“Dmail”… I like it :wink:

(lets steal it lol)

One filesytem? Is that like a filesystem? :wink:

This is not the first maidsafe competitor to appear but it is the first to use at least part of the same underlying concept.

Maidsafe is going to have VERY tough to launch and to gather momentum, a year ago when you were supposed to launch it would have been MUCH easier due to no competition.

Especially when maidsafe is not free while the competitors are.

If Maidsafe makes storing data free, what do you think will happen? Browsing the network is free though :blush:

lol…is it just me, or does this smell a bit fishy? This is 1 guy’s “life work” and he’s been coding full time “since Dec 2014”? The writing/wording seems a bit off too…again is it just me or does the guy continually insert the word “deprecate” wrongly, …does it have a special “coder” meaning other than the normal English?
Does this thing work? :smiley:

In software, deprecate, means to mark a feature as no longer maintained and likely to be dropped in future.

Aahhh…I see - this is why I’d be no good at proof reading tech docs etc…I’d be changing everything .lol…thanks for that. :smiley:


I tried running this software, but I couldn’t get it working no matter what… If this was to be a successful project, it would need to be much more user friendly and open. That’s what sets Maidsafe apart I guess. Plus, the technology behind Maidsafe is ultra cool!

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When competitors come we should welcome them with open arms, but I have not seen anyone close to the maidsafe proposal as of yet. If you wanted a dht then you can download a dht lib and say hey, here is maidsafe, well a dht anyway so kaboom :slight_smile: It’s not the same thing though. Nice to see motivation and excitement though, I tried to look at the source but not publicly developed I don’t think. I seen a download link but never went there. I really like seeing the dev process happening.

If it comes with new ideas and advances then it will be terrific, lets hope so.


Free solutions are economically unsustainable. You can create a system that works based on barter (like IPFS, bittorrent (imperfectly) or even maidsafe at its beginning) but the only way to ensure that your data stored on the network continue to exist is to pay, one way or another, for it.


The very driven dev seems to have ran out of gas.

Does any one have some more information on this? I’ve been trying to figure out if it’s still in active development

And if it can deliver any thing close to what it promises

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Just got this info on IRC:

thufir is studying and “have continued to work on the net v2 code”, he says.
he is “working on morphis as much as possible” and “will be back to full time work on morphis for the winter and possibly spring breaks”.
in the mean time he is “open to any pull-requests as always”.
howevger, since no new code has been committed, it’s difficult to guage the situation.
it’s also a bit discouraging, methinks.
he hasn’t been around irc for a month or so.

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