Mobincube for Knowledge Dissemination

I’ve been thinking regarding development of apps, and also disseminating information to government censored regions of the planet. There is such a service that is free to use called Mobincube; I’ve fiddled with it and it is quite intuitive and easy to use.

The reason for bringing this to our attention is: Some countries do not allow certain websites to pass through, yet the data there is could be useful. Such as MaidSafe data. On a mobile app one can store the treasure map to anything upload it to a app store and make it available to anyone anywhere. APKs can be saved and loaded up among friends. Also, the fact that most of the planet is using mobile devices especially in lower wealthy nations makes for such an app more useful.

I am already considering using this to load up apps with information such as how to install maidsafe clients, and setting vaults so that the information will always be available, in all formats, around all barriers.