Mobile developer platform

I saw this and found it interesting and I made a number of connections and thought of a lot of questions. Because I’m not a techie though, I’m not going to ask the probably really dumb questions about un-feasible ideas…just wondered if this would be of interest to anyone

Our app devs are trained in xamarin and went through the xamarin university thing, just a few months back (delays yes but worth it) . Xamarin have also provided free licenses to us to allow us to make use of this, so yes it’s helpful :slight_smile: @Viv is right on top of this one and AFAIK intending to make great use of it. Hopefully we can make this a simple thing for all mobile devs to make use of as well. We do need to get more people through this, but the core library team are not allowed to just yet :smiley:


(Rooting on/slow build) mobile mobile mobile mobile MOBILE!


This video may be of help to someone developing for Android:

How to bring compute intensive C++ based apps to Android [FrOSCon14]