Meet Oasis Labs, the blockchain startup Silicon Valley is buzzing about

Here is the first investment by the Andreessen Horowitz $300M crypto fund. These are brilliant people attracting millions of dollars of investment from well respected crypto and Blockchain VC’s. Oasis Labs raised $45M recently.

The concept of bridging the Safenet to enterprise blockchain and having the @maidsafe team work at developing relationships with these powerhouses needs to be explored. Not next year. Now.

Is there a risk that Maidsafe could be made irrelevant?

Meet Oasis Labs, the blockchain startup Silicon Valley is buzzing about | MIT Technology Review

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This is YABA and MAID is so much more than smart contracts. So what is the compelling reason that Maidsafe needs to follow them.

Maidsafe is already exploring partnerships.

This really is just another related project

Oh, so this is a bad idea. I guess the better idea is to not evolve with the new companies and technology.

Too bad you dismiss new ideas of collaboration @neo . A sure sign you have a closed mind. Not good for the community. This is not a related project but you can censor.

No that is the wrong way to read what I said.

Its a case of there is no obvious reason for Maidsafe to look at this as opposed to another YABA. There is a number of YABA that Maidsafe could be investigating and they may very well be doing so. What I was after is the compelling reason to prompt anyone to read the article.

Anyone can spend hours a day following all the YABA out there just in case one of them has some relevance. But then you are not doing other things are you, so I was after a compelling reason in summary why I or anyone else should spend time reading it. And the more I read it the less remarkable it became, so I was after you to point out the remarkable part that I must have missed in my skim read of it.

I didn’t censor it. In addition I did not move it, I was asleep when it was moved.

Also anyone can read this if they want so its not censored.

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