Meet: CISA (15 characters)

Wired: “CISA Security Bill: An F for Security But an A+ for Spying”

In a just society trying to even attempt to implement such crime would get one locked up. These same paid for clowns keep coming up with more of this nonsense. Maybe I am wrong but this still seems like they are at war with the populace. These are like mass conscription writs. Sponsorship has to go because this is what it looks like in action, this is the cost of sponsored media come to fruition. We have to understand that bribery and censorship are not speech or a basis for law.

What does bribery and sponsorship have to do with government spying?

Its on a spectrum. We are either moving toward transparency and openess and empowerment or toward bribery-blackmail-censorship-spying-secrecy-loss of habeaus corpus-torture-disappearances. We either move toward empowerment or toward criminal extraction. What do would -be monarchs demand but tribute?

Look at the universal fraud we’ve got going with money first. 911-2008-austerity-theft of paychecks, pensions and social security. Jeb saying work harder and longer for less while we hollow out paid for infrastructure and needed services like emergency rooms because we blew other people’s wads with our gambling habit and want those people to pay for it so we can play again at their expense. We sell these people their own production.

Its this idea that you have to do what I say because I have more money or even that I should be able to pay to lock my neighbor up. That is what it is devolving to. This is what allowing money based conflicts of interest in media leads to.

First off… No. “We’re either going towards the heaven or hell, France, Germany, ocean, Mars, my house, Azul, fan blade” what I said makes about as much sense. Your “two options” aren’t the only ways to go. There are middle ground choices all over the place.

Second. I still find it mind boggling that, on a forum promoting privacy (secrecy), encryption by design, Mass affordable storage, very easy access controls… We are building the ultimate spy information storage machine and greatly reducing the chances of leaks happening.

Privacy is not secrecy, at the very least not organizational secrecy. Its also not a spy machine enbler, but rather a privacy enabler. SAFE should make it easier to defeat and dump the contents of spy machines due to the weak human links and the mixture of anonymity and a SAFE verion of public ledger. SAFE should give us non conflicted forms of media that make it easier for us to direct our energies and get beyond useless structures put money first and people last. I hope it goes a long way toward restoring utility to currency and profit. Profit should entail soild contribution and it shouldn’t result from underming people’s lives.