masterXchange big sell off of 1M+

I really hope someone didn’t accidentally sell 1M+ on masterXchange. There should be some confirmation on the sell orders. Be very very careful when selling…

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what you mean?confirmation?? that guy sold the maidsafecoin is fake??if it was not fake maidsafecoin, he can of course sell any maidsafecoin he want.

What I mean by confirmation, is there should be a confirmation dialog asking if you’re sure you wish to sell 1M+ for .000005 for x btc. Instead of accidentally putting in that number and then boom. you loose around $17K ish in one shot.

oh I see but when you put order in the market. I think you already have confirmation. It was not big deal. Just people try to speculation.

If it was an accident that would suck, and it’s too easy to do with that platform. Who knows the folks over at that exchange? Could we ask them to add a simple “Are you sure?” confirmation dialog before someone else get’s toasted. If that is in fact what happened.

oh, you mean somebody is so careless, typo mistake add too many 0s…oh…yeah I think it is hardly possible. But yeah to that perspective, having confirmation before deal is better.

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big chance it was not typo. he just try to speculate or manipulation the price.

I wrote their support email ( and suggest others do the same. I feel really bad for the person who did this IF that is what happened.

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Hope so…

Got to be fat fingers, no point in crashing to that low.

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A very expensive mistake!

I think he want to punch the price low and he can buy more at low price. lol

I suspect that the buying and selling order is coming from the same person.

He’s probably trying to actively inflate the charts with a pump action dump by drowning a whale.

… I don’t know anything about trading.

It was a mistake or he was crazy. The market dropped to 0.00000500. I wish I was there to pick them up hehe.

Reply from support implies they will add a confirmation dialog.

Yes a confirmation window sounds like a good idea. But truly, I am unsure that this was a mistake

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frankly i have made this mistake on this exchange before, there are so many more msafe then btc, there are a lot of 0’s and i accidentally dumped once, luckily it was only 10k… that being said people have to pay bills and perhaps the seller needed quick cash.

Is this a speculative thread about speculation?

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I only pick a little at 0.000016. I should put at lower price…lol who knows…

lol you are so kind.