Maidsafe Postal Service

This might belong in “Projects” but I’ll leave that up to the mods. Anyway…

We all like mail. Yes sending regular written letters is a bit less frequent these days but it does happen and we all need to ship packages from time to time. The Postal Service, regardless of country, is basically a big sorting and delivery service. So why not automate the whole thing using robotics and maidsafe? Why don’t we have an app for that? This would also help prevent another issue: Government snooping on people’s mail and/or censoring what they can or cannot transport via the mail. Mail could be delivered to one’s door by flying drone and picked up the same way. Just scan the timestamp on the delivery date to see whether it’s old mail or new mail. (Yes literally the drone would have some kind of stamp or internal laser printer to print the time index on each piece of mail.) Then it flies all the picked up mail to the post office, dumps it in the sorting bin where it’s automatically sorted via robotic sorter and scanner. Then local mail is placed in the appropriate mail boxes and mail that is to be shipped out is placed into new drones that are given the appropriate addresses and fuel/energy needed and then immediately depart. Unlike regular mailmen drones could fly all night and day, 24/7 and be given specific destination instructions and efficient flight routes. They could deliver their mail first then those left over with enough energy, or the least recharge time, could be sent out to collect mail from addresses not visited previously on the flight path. Of course between post offices and individual drones being able to commuicate with each other to influence said efficiency of said flight path and given the amount of communications traffic that the system would get it’s unlikely there’d be many unvisited mailboxes the first time round.

Of course all all user data would be encrypted and stored on the safe network as would any other data. Larger cargo drones could be built for larger package delivery. If a package needed to be paid for you’d pay the drone directly while it was there which would automatically transfer funds back to the post office.

So what do you guys think?

Drone service should be decentralized. There should not be a central sorter/picker location.

What about using self driving cars to deliver mail.

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Amazon will probably deliver mail within 5 years

Because as soon as you say decentralized & mail, the government thinks. Drones & Drugs delivery

Lol who cares what the current, ancient “government” thinks.

We will govern ourselves through uncomparably different systems within the next decade or possibly sooner


I feel like the USPS (and union) would fund opposition to this pretty heavily. Delivery of small packages via drone is too practical to be allowed.

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Did I say there was a single sorter/picker? There would be post offices all over the place all sorting mail. But perhaps you should elaborate on your thoughts. How would you decentralize sorting/picking. And self driving cars would be fine, I just thought flying drones might be faster and more direct.

Maybe in the states but in Canada our mail is being pretty heavily leaned on to be privatized. It’s also pretty damn inefficient, all the mail in the country gets routed through a single sorting house in Halifax. You want to send a package to somewhere else in the same province? It’ll take a trip around the country before it gets there. Just saying having the system might be deployable in different countries even if it’s not accepted in the states.

Or weapons shipments, or money transfers, or illegal information transfer, or any number of things outside their control. But isn’t that the point? To get the government out of our business.


There shouldn’t be any sorter/picker locations as they maybe subject to inspections and could get seized. Each household should be there own post office for it to work imo.

Cars can travel longer distances and can carry bigger loads, Drones seem to be quicker though.

But yeah cool ideas. We can dream :smiley:


Again how would this work? So instead of having a central location you just have a mailbot that came round to each house and was programmed on site with the new destination addresses? Hello I want this letter to go to my Aunt Jamima at such and such now scoot.

As for cars vs drones perhaps cars could be used for “standard” mail and drones could be used for express post.

Sounds like an interesting idea, although the need to throughly think out the possible centralization of the process and the database of information leaking.

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Very deep, very true