down all day

I finally got a reply from DiscourseHosting after creating this topic on

We completely missed your ticket. We’re working on this right now. My sincere apologies.
We are going to investigate this until the bottom and we are going to refund you.

It seems like the site was/is under some kind of attack, we’ve blocked a number of IP addresses and that made it responsive immediately.

This also explains why we didn’t see an issue, we’re monitoring from the inside network.

We’re going to change the monitoring so it will monitor from the outside.

We’re still investigating why we didn’t get notification of this ticket, it seems like the ticket system automatically merged it into an old ticket because it had the exact same subject…

And here is my reply:

Ok good to know it was an attack. I don’t necessarily want a refund, I just wanted a reply from you to know to you were aware of the issue :slight_smile:

Now that I know it’s an attack, then it explains a lot of things. I don’t think I would able to defend myself against an attack so I would rather stay with you.

Thank you for the response, I am sure my community will understand.

oh yes I put the same subject haha. I wouldn’t have though that would have been an issue.

I will post more updates when I receive them.


Someone out there really doesn’t like us. I guess we’re doing our job. :smile:


So glad to have my homepage back online!


Coincides with the Cointelegraph smear. When Steve Perlman wouldnt sell out the sponsored appatatus did a content strike on him and also claimed it had duplicated his magic. The cointel pro telergraph is asking for a user strike against David Irvine. Perlman fought hard against the corporatizing of IP. Now he is working on commoditizing their bandwidth games, its still a gateway damaging tactic but he did suffer a big set back.

MaidSAFE is decentralizing tech, and opressors have much less of a track record with decentralizing tech. But they aren’t without victories, unions were a decentralizing wage raising tech to counter centralizing corporate profit, collusion and sponsored politicians. They beat the unions in the US by ignoring their own laws. I am hoping if SAFE tech works it will lead to a similar long term hiatus on corporate profit.

Had a huge suspicion hat the site was under attack, good thing there are forum backups, yet…

Looking forward to safe network and continuing the conversation there :smile:

Where we won’t be getting DDoS’ed


Exactly, can’t wait

I sent them another email:

Maybe you are already aware of this, but in the admin dashboard of Discourse I see the following warning:

Some problems have been found with your installation of Discourse:
Sidekiq is not running. Many tasks, like sending emails, are executed asynchronously by sidekiq. Please ensure at least one sidekiq process is running. Learn about Sidekiq here.

Other than that, the reaction from my community is positive (

Although a few members think the downtime could have been shorter.

One member said: “They should have Fail2Ban installed, or something similar, to autoblock IPs with bizarro behavior.”

And another said: “Completely amateur to monitor from inside the network. They should give two months free for this because they made TWO errors that lead to this going on for several hours.”

Personally I think you are handling the situation just fine and are doing a really good job.

Also I expect this forum to grow massively in the next few weeks/months when MaidSafe launches (perhaps we will have to upgrade to support more traffic. let me know when this is necessary). so it’s good we are getting the kinks out before launch.

It says in your terms of service that: “Any downtime over 0.1% will be refunded with a prorated fee based on actual downtime per month.” In the first email you sent, is that the refund you were talking about?

Thank you <3

Their reply:

Good to hear that we’re still doing a good job.
However, as one of your members said, we have made some mistakes. I want to offer you a refund for a full month to make this up to you, and offer my sincere apologies for these mistakes.

I’ll investigate how much room for extra traffic there is and let you know.
If you need to upgrade, we can deduct the refund from the extra subscription cost. If you don’t need to upgrade, we can either give you one month extra, or transfer the amount using BTC or Paypal.

Will that work for you?

My reply:

Ok perfect. If it’s necessary to upgrade now, I would go for deducting the refund from the extra subscription cost. Otherwise it could be kept as a balance in the account to be used when we upgrade or refunded as BTC if it’s easier.

It’s likely we will stay with you for hosting but I would rather not have it as one month extra for now but more towards the upgrading because we will probably have to do it in the short term.

According to my Google Analytics stats, I have 98k page views last month. But I wouldn’t be surprised if I get more than 500k page views per month in the next two-three months.

Also, are you working on the Sidekiq issue I have that says that Sidekiq is not running?

Thanks again.

The Sidekiq issue is pretty trivial. It should be fixed soon. I will continue posting in this topic if I have any further updates.


Plan to transition the site to SAFE once its up? At that point site could pretty vulnerable as the hornet will really be stirred up. SAFE is a gateway crasher and a way around unnecessary toll roads.

I am surprised it has taken this long to spark the interest of foes, referring to the telacrap article and this possible forum attack. I am sure I am among many who will utilize every resource and talent we have to defend MAIDSAFE. I agree one of the first and greatest tests to the network will be any SAFE hosted site early on. It will not take long for the 1,000 gorilla to come running.


There’s a good chance a portion of this community will serve as a support channel for users so having it run on the old Internet is still valuable IMO. If someone’s having trouble setting up their vault or authenticating, for example, they need a non-SAFE line of communication with those that can help… especially in the beginning.

I imagine a separate SAFE forum will form and most conversations will naturally shift over.


Well need infrastructure in the old internet for some years, and one way to improve availability is to have both multiple websites, and easy mirroring etc. We should consider the possibility the old web is increasingly insecure - anecdotally clear if you watch what’s happening - and that we become target of WikiLeaks and Pirate Bay style attacks. So we can learn from how they’ve kept online. Maybe be ready with hosting in Iceland and so on - ensure we have the data saved in multiple jurisdictions etc.

Where are our forum, & github backups?

I guess on launch we just start copying them to SAFE tho :-). We need a way to automate this… damn, it’s a gateway! ;-). Not hard tho I think.


Site and its content may be valuable for posterity. Attacking it is low hanging fruit for early attempts at damaging the project’s reputation. The form it takes on SAFE will get heavy scrutiny for polish. Maybe everything on SAFE can be loaded into a Watson Debater front end so people one day can do quick more intuitive querries.

At least the site and repos are all in github so anyone who forks or clones these will get copies in github or locally. As many of us work on all of these there are probably many backup copies updated daily. Its a benefit of decentralised source code management (git) I detect a pattern forming here :wink:


In the news recently was a headline Indian government asks ISPs to block Git Hub and 30 other sites over alleged ISIS affiliation.

@ioptio You’re absolutely correct on that,

Some months ago @mlvn approached myself and @frabrunelle about creating a news website to keep the local people of the internet aside from SAFE informed on the progress and state of the SAFE Network. Even considered to establish a forum to maintain post launch;

The website is conveniently called:, in addition to that we are tonight planning a Russian language community and hosting the communications website there, as well as Russian translations of the content as well as system documents including news feeds regarding the safe network.

This way while we are busy on the safe network, we can still post updates to our friends still there, I’m sure it will be instrumental to maintain the traditionals social media outlets regarding the safe network in order to deliver the correct installers, and give some guide on how to adventure into the safe network :wink:


I just looked at your site, it could very possibly become a widely used. I have two suggestions:

  1. Get an HTTPS certificate for the site, and
  2. Mirror the site on the SAFE network when it launches.

@frabrunelle showed me something like this:

Yeah, let’s encrypt is super cool, I can’t wait until it comes out. I believe it’s coming out sometime in 2015. Then perhaps finally every website will use HTTPS.


If you use Cloudflare you get Basic DDoS protection & SSL FOR FREE.

I can help you, not that I’m that super technical, but I got a few sites through cloudflare.

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I’ve worked with CloudFlare quite a bit, so feel free to reach out to me if you need help setting it up. You basically use them as your DNS provider, and they act as a proxy for you with their network of CDNs. They provide free SSL, CDN, and various other optimizations for your site. Won’t cost you a dime.