Anybody else having issues getting to

Yes github under DDos attack, the old Internet has these issues :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info. I had told some people about the project and they weren’t able to access the site. I directed them to this site for info for now.

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LOL, yea “The Old Internet,” who uses it anymore :mask:


Wow @dirvine I iust realized what an awesome marketing gimmick the phrase "Maidsafe, the new internet! " Or “Maidsafe , the Internet reimagined!” would be :smiley:

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Did China Just Launch a Cyber Attack on GitHub?

In fact, the two pages targeted were the GitHub page of GreatFire, a well-known group that fights against Chinese censorship, and another page set by the group that hosts New York Times mirrors to allow Chinese netizens to access the paper’s site, which is normally blocked.

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