MaidSafe Dev Update - March 22, 2018

It could be any, we are quite good at writing the code and testing :slight_smile: It really does not matter henybadger or anything will Suffice there. If we were to say explicitly then there would be no need to keep is all private, all we need is ABFT and we are set. Not only us but many projects want this, even dagcoin (byteball) and iota would love it (no controllers etc.). given all of those and more, its not hard to get a concrete and open source mechanism, just some long nights. I am sure we are not alone in this pursuit, but I am sure we are dedicated to a simple open source solution. One thing I know is any invention will be improved, so patents etc. mean little, beyond, just wait for something better/more efficient.


Makes sense, and I agree that patents in this realm don’t mean much. It’s all about speed to market and adoption. Looking forward to finding out more about your DAG implementation.


The Routing work sounds very exciting to a non techno like me, especially if it allows the team to emerge from the shadows and see the way ahead more clearly than they can without the solution. Fingers crossed. The next quarter should be action packed


Really interested in the back story to this when the time is right.

  • How was this closed source solution found?

  • Who are the authors of the code and are they potentially supportive of this project?

…could be some big love coming their way, even if they’re part of evilcorp :smile:


I hope it means opening eyes if not I am not to worried either. The right thing is not stopping innovation and progress. When the time is right we will make that clear :slight_smile:


Great and BIG update! Re: DAG … I can appreciate how difficult it is to let go of something you’ve been working on for so long in favor of something else that will get you where you want to go faster and with less hassle. Practicing detachment and moving ahead are important for radical code development in my amateurish opinion. It’s exciting that this change will simplify the codebase, simpler isn’t always better though and so I do wonder if this will cause the loss of any potential feature(s) (dreamed about or explicitly mentioned in the past)? Or if this will open up any new security issues? Sorry in advance if that’s a can-o-worms lol!


Hi David. I managed to make inroads into Monash University and they were interested to let their students help and work on Safe projects. Tried to get momentum but we failed from our end. Its a top University with some of the brightest minds there. Hopefully better luck next time.

Then i met a student from Oxford. He is the first person who knows about Maidsafe. Had good things to say and we immediately hit it off. Seems MS approaced him for some role or work.


Great update, whats stoping another company from making their own safenetwork if all the code is open source?

Once the network is finished, I guess nothing would stop someone setting up another network using the code.

Whether anyone would use an alternative network when they could use the real thing, which will be a thriving ecosystem of apps, websites, utilities, with a currency (Safecoin) with demand, and many farmers contributing resources, remains to be seen. I know what I’d contribute my resources to, especially when the Safe network will be worked on into the future by MaidSafe’s dev team who created it.

If any changes are made to the code on an alternative, MaidSafe’s updates may not be compatible (big loss), and if they don’t change the code, what advantages would an alternative network offer?

It’s a bit like how it’s quite easy to create a new crypto-currency, but that doesn’t make it easy to generate value in a new crypto-currency.

Bitcoin remained highly dominant against competitors until it failed to keep up with innovations (smart contracts) or adapt to accommodate demand for transactions (high fees / low capacity).

The Safe network should be able to stay well ahead of alternatives based on the same code due to the dev team & community, perhaps to the degree no ‘Forknetworks’ will gain any traction.


Interesting! Would that require a complimentary SAFENetwork to function or standalone? :slight_smile:

People will use whats been marketed to them,
A company with inferior code but good marketing will unfortunately win everytime. Its users that make the network. I imagine once the code is made available there will be a few companies doing what safe does, whos to say they wont market their network better ?? Tokenising there network exactly how safecoin is… from the devs point it seems that they will be happy no matter who uses the code and who can better it their goal is to create something bigger for everyone and that’s admirable, but from the investors in maidsafe ?? Where does that leave them ?

Correct. I think it would be better for the community to make the codes closed source at least for a some time period. If they close source the code for a year the network would be far ahead of the competitor.


I’m counting on first mover advantage. To support my argument it would be great if @polpolrene put another update on forum users. :slight_smile: Forum membership is related to network participation.

I have sat down with many people, not quite forced, but, tunneled them through some type of action/activity/participating energy barrier that no advertising and marketing campaign could do as persuasively and quickly. These mates, once I’ve shown them, and then gone on to understand deeply what this project is, have been very very thankful and have gone on to invest - they too are passing it forward. We are talking exponential growth here, by everyone on the forum.

A competing group would first have to discover this network, understand its worth, then make an effort… then start to try and get an online audience, build a support and information echo system, they could then try pumping lots of money in to marketing - but how many people will actually convert, make the effort or do so in a meaningful way?

First mover advantage, exponential growth, the fun of already emailing your mates on the safenet who already have accounts, and the use of a wide variety of apps.

… competitors… I’d enjoy watching them try.


Please read David’s posts and you’ll understand why that will never happen…and rightly so I might add…


We have under 8000 community members, you talking about first move advantage ? Nobody knows safe exists, and its one of the oldest projects in the crypto space older than even bitcoin. It seems that the code is what will be maids greatest contribution, i just dont think they will be the company to show it to the entite world


There are plenty of examples where first movers advantage did not work out. So considering that would be bad idea. Marketing is really essential.

I read it already. David and the community wants to make the network opensource to help everybody. I am not against it. I am just saying, give it a little time before making it open source. It is common practice and many companies did it to protect their interest.

P.S: I see safe as the first boy of class. Knows plenty, doing great in exams etc. but not smart enough in terms of marketing. And as we all know, rarely the first boy gets everything in life.


Can add Trustchain. Exist several recent development based in this paper.

What seems quite likely is that it is a derivative of the HoneyBadgerBTF algorithm.

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Thanks for another one super ants.

Love the blog post and how you stick to your open source ethos.



[quote=“sanju, post:37, topic:22455”]
There are plenty of examples where first movers advantage did not work out. So considering that would be stupid idea. Marketing is really essential.

Jeepers, condescending judgment much?


@DavidMc0 hit it pretty well innovate, improve, or nature simply takes it course.

If that thought bothers anyone sell up and go buy some Tron you’ll sleep better for the next 12 months :stuck_out_tongue:


Another thing that would stop others from stealing and just harvesting from maidsafes hard work would be a the patents that could be used in case of an aggressive marketing copycat…

Such an action could very well be considered an aggressive act imo and defending with those patents would therefore be totally legit…
… Nothing wrong with working together and creating a wonderful open source world… But just stealing others work and profiting on their backs doesn’t look right to me