Maidsafe coin

As a shareholder, is it worth buying, investing in, Maidsafe Coin?


Most folk on here would say yes :slight_smile:

Most folk on here are not shareholders though. We anticipate a rise in the value of each coin from around ÂŁ0.14 today to insert humungous number here. Nobody knows and anybody who tries to tell you they know is a liar.
But we all mostly live in hope.

Mines a 1973 Lamborghini Espada S2 :racing_car:


I can’t wait to have a boat and a bunker! Just like the elites!

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You mean the parasites

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Oi!!! My family used to have a bunker.

So did every other house in the scheme. We mostly kept coal in it and I got my arse well-skelped for imprisoning my wee brother in it.