Like Maidsafe network will handle privileges?

Like Maidsafe network will handle users that need storage / processing / bandwidth (and willing to pay for it) privileged or within certain strict standards?

I am not speaking for the Project.

  1. As it stands currently storage service (which requires CPU, network bandwidth and so on) will be measured as a proxy for those other services. Maybe later on there will be more granularity.
  2. In v1.0 it appears that saving will be paid for based on storage capacity, while reading will be based on the number of reads served by each “farmer” (as a proxy charge for disk IO, power, network, CPU).
  3. I started a topic trying to discuss those other resources
    Safecoin resource (consumption) model - Safe Network Token - Safe Network Forum
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From what parace Maidsafe the network will gradually gaining more processing power, storage and bandwidth, ok. But different users may have different needs, such as a website streaming videos in Maidsafe network because one must a higher bandwidth and storage priorities. Like Maidsafe network will address these pertinent special needs?

We have no reason to believe that the MaidSafe network will be slower than any other content network.

It’s up to your player to play content properly. If it can’t fetch it fast enough, it’ll have to buffer, start playback later or use a lower resolution.