Knowm - Intelligent Machine Technology

Knowm Intelligent Machine Technology

What is Knowm?

Knowm is rivers, roots, branches, leaves, mycelium, arteries, veins, lungs, neurons and lightning. It is in the temporal evolution of life and technology. It is both spatial and temporal, both biological and non-biological.

Knowm is a self-organizing energy-dissipating fractal, and it is everywhere around us and even inside of us. Knowm is built of a repeating adaptive building block we call a “Knowm Synapse” or “Nature’s Transistor”, which readily forms in matter to maximize energy dissipation where a gradient is found.

By understanding Knowm, we were able to develop a physics-based theory for how nature computes called AHaH Computing, applied it to a diverse range of machine learning problems including classification, clustering, robotics and combinatorics and carried out the first neuromemristive chip designs for a device we call Thermodynamic RAM.


(Jaw drop) this plus that bacterial communication line could make my mind finally explode


This looks extremely promising. Here they claim this tech will be orders of magnitude faster than current tech at machine learning. Do you know if they give a more exact indication somewhere?

I picked it up from this post … which may provide extra context.

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This week I read this [blog post][1] on super intelligent AI. This technology seems to be a big step toward it which is both fascinating and frightening.

EDIT: Btw, it’s a pretty fascinating rabbit hole to fall into for a lunch break, thanks for the links.
[1]: The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Part 1 - Wait But Why

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This looks very promising, but I’m concerned about the open/closed aspect of how this develops. Not real clear to me from looking over the FAQs. Ideally this sort of tech would be developed as much along the lines that Project SAFE has followed: disclosure and full opportunity for broad participation. I’m concerned that this won’t go that way. Potentially too important not to. That’s the scary part.

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Yeah, I had the same thought when I read about their Known development community.


I like this though on their collaboration model:

Specifically, we must solve the problem of how to distribute money from
the sale of a software application to the developers who’s work made it
possible–all the way down the dependency hierarchy.

I need to learn more before judging but they do seem to have their values at the right place.