IPFS alpha

IPFS alpha is out. Can do a lot of neat stuff (IPFS-based apps, FUSE, Web gateway, Web admin UI, cache pinning, etc.).
The one thing that seems lacking is you can see IP addresses of other nodes. I assume they can route it through Tor/Onion, but at this stage I’m not too interested in that (as-is, it can be useful for simple file sharing over DHT and Web).

I don’t like video bloat so I won’t post any vids here, but some demo videos are available on their site.


Interesting, a kind of peer-to-peer file system. Watching their videos now. Has anyone done a feature by feature comparison between IPFS and MaidSafe?

I found a whitepaper for IPFS: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1407.3561v1.pdf

And here is a paper about Filecoin which Juan Benet said will be used in IPFS: http://filecoin.io/filecoin.pdf

Is Filecoin still something they will use? The main website for IPFS doesn’t mention Filecoin (unless I missed it).

Oh, they mention Filecoin on their other website ipn.io. Interplanetary Networks, Inc. Lol @ the name.

Hey that’s not good

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