#InternetSafetyDay - What a joke!

The companies behind Internet Safety Day are the very ones tracking our children, they must think we are morons Privacy.org - The Source for News, Information, and Action

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OF COURSE, they think we’re morons. With good reason, too.

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LOL, gotta love the PR and the stupid parents who coral their children to FANG predators while paying for tools that block access to sites where kids can actually learn something.

Fools get what they deserve. It wouldn’t be right if it happened any other way.

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I don’t really agree with that. Probably more correct to say that ignorant fools get what they deserve. Naive fools are just that.

Everyone is free to consume, retain and copy (under the license that applies) all content of this forum and the Maidsafe source code.
Yet, some people don’t do any of that. Why? Maybe they’re lazy, maybe they think they’ll get a better return on their time or money elsewhere, and maybe they believe crypto is doomed and they’re spending their time buying FANG’s on dips.
Is that a problem Maidsafe should or could solve?

I don’t think any of them is entitled to special treatment or consideration. On a personal level, any of us is welcome to go an extra mile and spread the word (and your money, if you want) to educate those you think deserve special treatment.
Fergish has been spending his time and money on that. I think it’s more appropriate to donate to Fergish (and maybe request a special episode for the naive and clueless) than tell Nick what to do.

Uhh i’m not really sure what you’re on about but OK

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The points

  • naive fools choose to be that
  • feel free to help them, and let us know how it goes

Uhh ok…man…