I was very excited about the Safe Network a year and a half ago, and then

Friends that are unfamiliar with the development process lost interest.
I totally love you devs.
I love your vision.
I love the plan, and the progress toward said plan.
I love the whole thing.
Please deliver soon.

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We will deliver soon and frequently :wink: I appreciate that journey is not a short one and we were over enthusiastic with timescales initially, but now you will see solid forward motion weekly. It’s a different world now with a very different delivery approach. You will see examples of modules and libraries already with the rewrite in rust. This sprint should deliver installable examples and vaults etc. From there it will be a case of install next sprint version and see differences. With that, devs can create apps fast and we can get feature complete, then go back down the stack improving efficiency and tech debt while folk use and build upon the platform without fear of API changes.

It feels sometimes like we are Tim Berners Lee, but cannot deliver a simple html page of links, we need to deliver Amazon,Google, Paypal and eBay with immediate take up :slight_smile: The balance of the solid network and data handling with app provision is where we are now and we want all the apps in folks hands, but we don’t want to be the owner of everything. So hence the community and drive to extend the development and esp app development.

Hope that explains a wee bit, tl;dr were very fast now but more important, what we will deliver is for everyone, it’s not us and not only for us, we will all benefit. We are just the folks leading a charge to something better. The force behind the change won’t and should not rely on us, but we can help it. Many will wait on it coming and many will help and some will get bored waiting, it’s really OK. The trick is to deliver and make the difference :smiley:


David don’t be in a hurry with this. Get the quality right. This is your project. You set the deadlines and you have to be satisfied or nothing goes out. Some people may lose their love for the project but it’s OK as long as the quality is good when the project is complete. Anyone who thinks they can do it better or faster is welcome to try. Take as long as you need to.


Boy are they going to be sorry, bitcoin all over again.

Totally agree, quality is everything. Some thing in life are worth waiting for…


Because the SAFE Network is a radical new development it will be judged harshly. It will also be judged harshly because it is going to upset the current balance of power. It is very important not to underestimate how many forces will be brought to bear to discredit the SAFE Network. These are compelling reason enough to launch only when the capabilities of the Network meet your standards David, not others.


Is this a quote from me because I called you that many months ago :slight_smile:

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Frankly, it seems you are closer to being unfamiliar and impatient with the development process as your friends.

SAFE is a never-before-done system. The algorithms are new; the problems unique. There are plenty of unknowns. Testing this thing will be and is super complicated let alone ensuring there are no security holes. Programmers and developers rack their brains every day to solve the tiniest of bugs, to meet goals, to stay efficient and energized day-in and day-out. They have to really love their work and have excellent teams to maintain a high level of productivity. One can just look at the weekly updates to see the details they have to wrestle with and solve.

If you want the project to move faster, volunteer your time and find out ways you can help. One doesn’t need to be a programmer to help. Spread the word. Educate others on the importance of the project. Write articles or start a blog.

Reading comments like SAFE has to be done by July 29th or complaints on how the SAFE team did not meet “deadlines” that were never committed to can be annoying as a developer who is already moving as efficiently as possible. Analogous to back seat drivers incessantly asking, “Are we there yet?”.


SAFE has to be done by July 29th or complaints

Btw, This post was not in any way rushing the development. I’ve been following since the crowdsale and been excited since even bought a few maidsafe coins. I see where this is going and I believe it will be BIG. I was trying to make a point in how the world needs the SAFE NETWORK. July 29th and windows 10 is just one big reason. I believe years from now the SAFE team will go down in history as revolutionaries in a world where we were being striped of freedoms.

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FYI: Win10 is not surprisingly a second to none spy OS, to the N’th degree.