I Dream of Safe

Just thought I’d share.

Had a dream in the early hours of the morning after Cristmas (don’t think I need to say I was drunk as a skunk).

Basically the dream was of me sitting at my laptop and a guy who I’ve never met but I knew him in my dream as a guy from my work. In my dream I knew him to be a technical kind of programmer guy interested in computers. We were pulling something up on my laptop when all these little MaidSafe tickers popped up on the screen. They seemed to be SafeCoin counters of some type that where calculating and farming coins. The guy asked me what in the world it all was and me being totally proud was all like 'That’s MaidSafe bro…" he continued to ask me about it and we opened up some more screens one of them was this weird 3D moving geometric shape, colored all weirdly, I think it was a graphic of the entire network as a living organism of sorts… it was weird that’s all I know. And at the end he kind of hinted he was super interested in all this.

That’s all.


:grin::grin: what a dream you had i cant wait to see our network and if i had such a dream i would be so happy :slight_smile:


That would be Christmas dude.

Nope, Australia is ahead of the rest of the world (except New Zealand). He posted around 9am aussie time on Saturday


Last week my girlfriend dreamt she threw all our fiat money in a fountain because I said we’d exclusively use SafeCoin (I didn’t, but in her dream I did).


Hopefully we figure out some Point of Sales system to use with safecoin, since unlike bitcoin we won’t be waiting for confirmations when making purchases right?