Https:// *these were here since the beginning, before I was*

I didn’t write these, they were here long before me;

We already have forum community guidelines; except we only have 19 ( Read Guidelines badge on Safe Network Forum ) of us who have found them so far.

I’m glad to have reread this 3 more times.

Thanks @dallyshalla I confess I have not found/read these.

@David, are these the standard guidelines that install with discourse?

Maybe we should pin these or at least include them on the menu?

Then have a topic to debate them and any changes.

I was a little bit confused why no one wanted to read the official forum guidelines so I changed the title;

since 6 hours ago so much has changed, and yet still no one new has earned the badge for reading the forum guidelines;

it is a little bit funny.

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Its on my todo list :wink:

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A good guideline:

Wait 5 minutes between posts usually; as a post can be edited, so if you reply your response might need to be edited; or your like might go towards something you didn’t intend to like;

After 5 minutes you can see if a post was altered; and if the OP is not ashamed they will let you see the modifications.

@happybeing, yes, those are default Discourse guidelines. There should definitely be a link somewhere, I will put it up this evening.