How would businesses and corporations be managed on Maidsafe

It’s not clear to me, how any business can operate with the limitation of 1 Public/Private persona per human.

I was asking this question when the discussion was going on about ‘Proof of unique human’, which I thought would locked us into 1 account per human.

@dirvine defines Account:

The ‘state’ held for humans and network entities (i.e. usage info, messaging post box, login information etc.) A typical user will have many associated accounts, but will probably think they have a single account, the one they log into

So in this 1 account scenario, if a business was running on the global SAFE, you’d have to utilize the employees account within your own app systems.

Another post along these lines was regarding persona trees:

Then I started thinking about SAFE for business where you’d run the forked software as your LAN and wondering if you could somehow utilize the global SAFE as redundancy:

In that private forked SAFE scenario you could have company accounts separate from the global accounts.