How to log into Jira

Hey guys I’m trying to just log into the Jira and see, but all I can ever see is the dashboard.

I click “login” and I get to this page below, and then click my account, and it reloads this exact page again, and I click it again, and it reloads it again, and over and over in an infinite loop. Here’s the page:

Do I need a special Jira account or something?

I tried it both on mobile and my laptops

The google auth was broken in 'jira, They may not have sorted it yet. You may need to manually create an account to get in. I recall the issue was your id got created but the auth never completes, so it eners your email address as a user but effectively does not allow you to login. So we will need to get you deleted first so you can use your email address and login, hopefully @Viv can help you here.


Just tried Google Auth to login to JIRA and it seems to work fine. Not too sure whats causing your issue. It seems like a loopback to google auth page and not getting redirected after the token is authorised. Could be a browser issue too.

I can confirm there is no account created yet in JIRA under your email id from the screenshot you’ve added.

Just to test, you can maybe try removing JIRA from authorised apps which should reset it from your accounts page and then retry the process. In Google - Apps connected to your account page you should see an entry such as:

Just select it and hit “Remove”

Now when you go to and choose login with google and choose your account, you should see the following

Once you select “Allow”, you should be returned to JIRA and your account created. (Note: when you first create your account, it sometimes puts you back to JIRA but you’re still not logged in since JIRA takes a few seconds to setup an identity with the info google provides. If this happens to you and you see you’ve returned to JIRA and not “Logged in” yet, just give it like 30 seconds and just choose login with google again, this time you should be logged in and the login button at the top right will switch to the following)

Even after all this, if google auth doesn’t nudge for you, Would probably just suggest creating an account with JIRA directly.

Hope that helps. If you’re still hitting issues with logging in to JIRA, do let us know :smile:

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I hope you don’t love your email too much because you just exposed it to the world.


Thank you both very much!

I’m sure that will help me get in.

I appreciate the time you took to help me!