How many users one ID can have?


I’m thinking about creating an SAFE account with following credentials, or something like this:

Username: Public User
Password: Public User

The idea is to take anonymity and publicity one step further by having a pseudonym that anyone can use - a bit like the group Anonymous is doing.

Is there any technical limitations for this? Is it a problem, if the same account is active in 100 devices and they make conflicting requests? Could this kind of account be created so that it creates only immutable data?

I know that this is not possible in Alpha 2, but will this be possible in final SAFEnet?


Why ??? :man_shrugging:


I don’t know. Maybe to give Luther Blisset a new life in SAFEnet?

Or maybe this username could actually be “God”. Everyone would have access to speak with God’s voice. Wouldn’t that be hilarious? :wink:


Well anyone with the credentials to an account can use that account no matter if at the same time or different times. Might be an issue if two try to send the same coin though :smile:


Like post an ftp user/pass or ssh/gmail/facebook etc. and make it public, let everyone use it?

I Am sure given enough resources and if folk randomly paid in safecoin its possible. May be a cool experiment, but as @neo says it would stretch the collision avoidance tech to it’s limit if it were successful ? If so safecoin or money is not needed any more as well though, there’s an old debate.


Exactly. I was thinking about this years ago, but I didn’t do it, because I got afraid of the possible consequences for me, if the account would be used for something nasty or illegal.

I think that to act as a God (or whatever) in SAFEnet could become a viral joke, that has it’s seasons of higher and lower activity.

But would it be so, that God needs to have some safecoins in order to do something? So basically if I want to use God I probably have to pay him first? I’m quite sure he would not be a farmer - though technically he could?

I didn’t understand this.


If everyone used the same account and it was funded by many folks then its the opposite of the crisis of the commons. It indicates people acting for a greater good, not requiring to be forced to contribute. Expand that and we don’t need money, people would help each other out of a higher form of understanding of the connections to everyone and everything, well higher than exists today. As I said a big debate, best not to have here.


an utopia with other words: ‘an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens.’…


If a publicly accessible account held any funds then people would just login and send the coins to their own wallet

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