HORNET Anonymous internet

I found this article yesterday:

Any comments on how this will compete with SAFE?


I saw this on the Bitcoin reddit yesterday. Someone else (normally it’s me) commented about maidsafe and we got a nice discussion going. Basically this is all theory, no peer review or code yet. Basically it can’t compete with maidsafe as we’ll be live long before this gets going.

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Sounds like all this does is reducing the overhead for nodes routing data. That means the data is still coming from a single source and can’t be downloaded in parallel like on SAFE.


Couple of things.

They say that Tor is the “gold standard” on anonymity but that speed is the problem. I think that glosses over a lot. An awful lot can still be sniffed from Tor nodes, speed or no.

Also, I didn’t see any mention of really increasing the number nodes. Who is incentivized to run one.

Maybe I missed something, I scanned the article fairly quickly. but the “gold standard” thing made me suspicious right off.

In the final analysis, this is still a remedial layer trying to patch a broken situation rather than getting to the heart of the matter.

Conclusion: little if any competition, but happy to see them put it in.


Thx for the explanation. I am fully invested in safe so am happy to read your explanation!

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Take it as a suspicious guess and you’ll be more accurate. :wink: