Has anyone thought to have duckduckgo run a node?

I know there will be a Mozilla plugin which is great. Being that the safe network is free and open source there should be no exclusivity to anyone integrating a plugin or node for their users. Duckduckgo is my favorite search engine and if anyone here doesn’t know, they actually run a TOR node. So they have an onion address and are obviously a search engine that has privacy as a part of their business model. Has anyone from the team or in alignment with the duckduckgo community thought to have them run a node to portal into safe for searching and accessing public shares? Duckduckgo is vastly popular since the snowden revelations and is still growing fast, as a user of both duckduckgo and Maidsafe I would love to see them come together.


Didnt the owner of DDG sell a bunch of personal info when he sold his company to a third party before starting DDG?

1339.cf ← ignore the obvious 4chan anti-semittism.

Hadn’t heard of it but the business model of ddg is not in alignment with that so I would think any such behavior would be highly scrutinized. But gleaning past behavior is important also. I’ll check out the link

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Yeah I havent really dug deeper, I just came across it.

I mean it uses bing for search and ads and runs on amazons servers. +is a US company. I would personally imagine startpage or ixquick to be more privacy oriented.

It does get you out of the filterbubble though, which is definitely something


Ehhh. The person who claims the owner sold off personal info can’t even provide which site or company, also yes they can see your ip and user agent but in their terms they explicitly state that they do not log or collect that info. Overall I think it’s a valuable service. Far better than google and the likes as an alternative. I’ll check out those other services you mention as well

Might be a non issue then.

Yeah I personally like the search results I have been getting through DDG.

For when I want to use google I have used startpage/ixquick or disconnect search.

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If you go through DDG you can type !g after a search suggestion and search google but tunnel encrypted through DDG

I switched to duckduckgo when I learnt of it’s !Bang commands, since it makes it even user-friendlier than google, plus the lack of tracking is nice. That being said, it is still a centralized service and I wouldn’t want to see SAFE search being dominated by that. Their promise to not track you is indeed only a promise, they can if they want to and those with enough power could compel them to.

I think the goal should be that search queries are only handled by the client and the SAFE network in a decentralized and trust-less manner. No third party involved.


for a decentralized sollution there is YaCy:

For the current internet, the question is if it also works on SAFE and whether the privacy and security is as strong as SAFE.

I see it as a mainstream introduction as once you want to share yourself or further benefit from the safe network you then download the client, but I agree mostly