GTEC Blockchain Contest and win prizes worth €50k

Maybe you guys want to apply for this contest and win for your blockchain tech (What’s more: any startup applying has the chance to win exclusive membership to the GTEC Lab – a 12-month support program, providing you with free central Berlin office space; legal, tax and business consulting; business tools; plus direct access to GTEC’s international network of investors and advisors – for 0% equity, 0 euros rent, no strings attached.).

@Seneca: your taking POW to the next level
@dallyshalla: your taking bitcoin to Exchange 3.0 (the next level)

I heard about it here:

Apply here:

Good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool, but none of my ideas use blockchains, so I’m not sure if it fits in that contest.

Edit: I stand corrected:

Whether startup or idea, we’re looking for:

the best ideas utilizing any blockchain infrastructure, including the Bitcoin blockchain, Ethereum, or your own blockchain.

the best ideas for solving daily problems on a decentralized architecture.

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That’s true, but it might give people some insight, how to use parts of the blockchain namely “POW” in a different setting. Right now some people are only thinking “blockchain” and it can never hurt, to spread ideas. To be honest most of the problems that are being discussed right now about “blockchain” are not even a problem with “structured” or “Immutable data”.

Maybe your idea might even shock the industry, because they didn’t hear/think about it yet. Everything is worth trying and if it just wakes up some people it’s all good.